Lindsay Lohan Questioned About Community Service

LohanLindsay Lohan has been suffering from health issues (related to her contracting chikungunya) virus while on vacation, and now she is being questioned by the courts about her completion of required community service hours. The actress’ lawyer, Shawn Holley, appeared in a Los Angeles court on Wednesday in order to submit paperwork in regards to the community service she was ordered to perform after a charge from 2012 for reckless driving. Lohan is currently being accused of potentially not finishing her hours, and also including time that was actually spent meeting with fans last year when she was performing in Speed-the-Plow, a stage production in the United Kingdom.

Although the actress believes that her meet and greet with fans should count towards her community service hours, a prosecutor in Santa Monica does not agree. While Lohan was not in court on Wednesday, her lawyer was there in an effort to show that the actress has successfully completed all of the terms associated with her reckless driving case. In fact, Holley submitted paperwork that seemed to indicate that the actress had only taken nine days to complete all 80 hours of her required service.

Unfortunately for Lohan, attorney Terry White is questioning the validity of the activities listed to satisfy the court ordered community service, as well as the number of hours actually completed. White indicated that the actress is getting credit for doing a meet and greet with fans that included allowing them to shadow her for a day. He is also questioning how she was able to get all of her hours satisfied, when she was receiving treatment for the virus that she contracted while on vacation in French Polynesia.

In an effort to explain the hours apparently done while the actress was receiving treatment, Holley indicated that Lohan had actually received outpatient treatment and was able to work through her pain and other health issues. Richard Stone, the Superior Court Judge who heard the case on Wednesday, spent some time silently reviewing the documents provided to the the courts. Although another judge had approved the hours in London, Stone has allowed the prosecutor a chance to verify Lohan’s hours. White said that if this was a regular person, then this would never have been allowed and even initially said that it was not his job to verify her hours and that he did not believe he would be able to confirm what she was doing while overseas. However, the attorney did concede that if he was able to show that the hours were not successfully completed, then he would be seeking jail time.

The actress’ lawyer admitted that there is always drama surrounding his client, however he says that she did in fact complete her hours of service. If the prosecution is able to establish that Lohan did not actually satisfactorily meet the required community service hours as order by the courts, then she may ultimately face jail time. The prosecution will have until February 18th in order to demonstrate that the actress did not meet the courts requirement for her criminal sentence.

By Kimberley Spinney




USA Today

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