Lindsay Lohan Suffering From Untreatable Disease

LohanIn a new report it would appear that Lindsay Lohan is apparently suffering from an untreatable disease. On Saturday the troubled actress went on to her Twitter account to reveal that she had been diagnosed with chikungunya disease during her vacation in French Polynesia. Then again on Monday, the actress returned to Twitter in order to say that being sick was not a fun experience but that she wished her followers and fans a happy new year. In her follow up Tweet on Monday she also told her fans that they should stay safe.

LohanChikungunya is a virus that is transmitted via mosquito bites. The disease is categorized by symptoms that are reminiscent of the flu, in some cases fever and headaches as well as joint pain that tends to be described as debilitating. Additional symptoms that sufferers deal with include rashes, nausea and even fatigue. There is no known vaccine or even a cure for the virus and instead the treatment patients receive is in an effort to relieve the symptoms. Those individuals that contract the chikungunya virus may suffer for a few days or even as long as a few weeks.

The disease was first recorded by the World Health Organization in the 1950’s in Africa. Since then the virus has spread into Asia and the Indian Ocean region.  The first case of chikungunya in French Polynesia was reported last year in May plus over the past three years the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have seen an increase of outbreaks in other areas of the South Pacific as well. There have also been reported cases of the virus in the United States although those cases appear to have been travelers that have returned from other afflicted areas.

Now that Lohan is suffering from an untreatable disease, she is admitting that she has learned a very valuable lesson. The lesson she believes she has learned is that it is very important to use bug spray in particular in areas that are known for bug bite infections. Unfortunately for Lohan, it appears that she did not use bug spray which has lead to her encounter with an infected mosquito.

Lohan had chosen to take a vacation following successfully wrapping up from her role as the lead in the play Speed-the-Plow which was put on in London. Her role had lasted two months and then the actress decided to take a break before deciding on her next move, although she has said that she has no intentions of returning to Los Angeles. It is unclear where Lohan plans to go following her stay in French Polynesia especially if she is not planning to return to Los Angeles.

Although Lohan is currently suffering from an untreatable disease the actress is still in good spirits. In fact the actress said that she refused to allow the virus to ruin what is supposed to be a peaceful vacation for her. Lohan also said that she was spending her time with good people and that her faith was good even as she suffered with this illness.

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