Luxurious Vacation: Imagine a Night in a Castle [Videos]


luxurious vacationWhen on a luxurious vacation in the U.K., there is much in the way of accommodation to choose from, but just imagine staying for a night in a converted castle.  Steeped in history with loads of comfort, this can be an experience of a lifetime.

Available as hotels and rentals, there are several of these wonderful castles dotted across the U.K., and the following are just a few recommendations.

Hidden away in the lovely Cotswolds of England, an extraordinary Tudor castle awaits.  Thornbury Castle has been around for some 500 years and is the perfect luxury retreat with its beautiful furnishings and interior and its historic and lovely landscaped gardens.

The building was intended to be home to the Duke of Buckingham and construction began back in 1511.  However, in 1521, just before construction was complete and its proud owner ready to move in, The Duke was accused of treason by his distant cousin, Henry VIII and was unfortunately beheaded and his lovely castle confiscated.

Around fourteen years later, Henry VIII and his lovely wife, Anne Boleyn, stayed in Thornbury Castle during their honeymoon tour.  Now the same castle is available for vacation stays.

The hotel offers an exclusive restaurant offering the best cuisine and if you fancy it, you can enjoy a relaxing massage in your luxuriously appointed bedchamber.  Take a tour of this incredible hotel in the video below.

When choosing a luxurious vacation in a castle, imagine staying a night in this rather more modern castle in the wilds of Scotland.  Yes, not all castles are ancient, as can be seen with this contemporary and attractive construction up in the Highlands.

The building was designed by the well-known Boston architect, Moshe Safdie and construction was finished in 2003.  Situated in the heart of a family-owned and private 60,000 acre estate, the castle is available for exclusive and private use by a family or group and is nestled in gorgeous gardens, giving the feeling of a luxurious vacation in a traditional Highland estate.  The owners brag that this wonderful building is actually tucked away in an estate the size of Los Angeles!

luxurious vacation
Luxurious modern castle in the Highlands of Scotland

Getting back to the older type of castle, also in Scotland and close to the city of Edinburgh, is the lovely Dalhousie Castle Hotel & Spa.  This beautiful and striking 13th century fortress nestles in acres of green and wooded parklands on the banks of the River Esk, perfect for that luxurious vacation.  The castle is known to be one of Scotland’s oldest inhabited castles and today offers luxury and comfort to the traveler along with a warm Scottish welcome.  Apparently Kings and Queens have enjoyed tea in the drawing room, making it an exciting stay indeed and according to the video below, there are rumors of a haunting there.

Take a tour of all the facilities below, seeing the luxuriously and beautifully appointed rooms and common areas and meet Bonnie the Barn Owl who is resident at Dalhousie Castle.

For anyone planning a luxurious vacation in the U.K., it is possible to imagine spending a night in a castle and making a dream come true.  It could end up being the vacation of a lifetime, never to be forgotten.

By Anne Sewell


Thornbury Castle

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Dalhousie Castle and Aqueous Spa

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Thornbury Castle screengrab from video

Contemporary Scottish castle courtesy LTR



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