Pretty Little Liars: Bin of Sin [Recap/Review]

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars’ new episode, Bin of Sin, had the girls in search for more answers. There are too many questions surrounding Mona’s disappearance, and why the storage locker was leased in Hanna’s name. So, of course, they have to go exploring in an abandoned and dark warehouse, without any phone signal.

Of course, the group also decide that splitting up is the best idea, when they realize just how big it is. Surely, the characters of Pretty Little Liars have learned that splitting up is not something they should do. That is just what A wants to happen! To prove that point, Spencer and Aria find themselves in a liquid nitrogen freezer. It was just lucky that Emily was around to save them.

Meanwhile, Hanna is trying to protect herself from anything that can link her to Mona’s murder, and Caleb is willing to help. He corrupted the storage records, dismantled the camera and destroyed the door. They get in only to find out that everything has been removed after all, and that includes the laptop. At least, everything but the barrel was gone, and Hanna decidse it needs to go, and they need to send the cops a tip.

As usual, someone—likely A—is ahead of them and has tipped the cops off. Toby and Tanner appear, and call for the hazmat team. When the barrel is opened, a blood drop falls on the floor, making it clear that someone may have been in there. It gets worse for the breaking and entering couple in Bin of Sin on Pretty Little Liars, as they have been recorded getting in there.

Toby is now stuck between a rock and a hard place. He has never had it easy on Pretty Little Liars, but is now reminded of the oath he took to become a police officer. It means that Spencer cannot get the help she needs, since Toby will not tell her if Mona was in the barrel.

Spencer and Toby are not the only ones having trouble in their relationship. Aria finally admits to the letter she sent to Jackie. Ezra laughs it off at first, but then re-reads it and thinks about the chance that there was some truth to her admissions. He tells her that she needs to work things out in her head, and even had a journal to help her.

As for Emily, she is having some luck. Talia tells her that she wanted to figure out if Emily was interested in men, but there is clearly something else going on. When is there not on Pretty Little Liars? There is just something off with the relationships in this show. The Spencer/Toby and Hanna/Caleb relationships are acceptable, but there is a little too much acceptance for age-inappropriate relationships, especially if Talia is older like she seems.

The episode at least continued the A storyline a little more. According to Marlene King, A will be revealed sometime within season six, so it means at least another half a season of this merry-go-round. However, Pretty Little Liars’ Bin of Sin seemed to show that it is possible to keep the questions going without getting too annoying, like it did during the last season and half.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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