Supernatural: There’s No Place Like Home [Recap/Review]


Supernatural has a habit of telling the brothers’ inner dilemmas through other characters, and There’s No Place Like Home touched on that. Charlie returned from Oz, and there was the battle of good and evil. However, the writers took a different twist by bringing in two Charlies.

The character, played by Felicia Day, has been one of the only female guest stars that fans have fully enjoyed. Rather than being a love interest for either of the two boys, she has been an independent and strong character. She is one character many Supernatural fans want to see come back, and the writers always find a new, intriguing storyline for her.

Charlie was last spotted going to Oz with Dorothy, and now she is back with a new haircut, dressed in black and beating up some poor man. Her comment “who doesn’t love a little torture?” was one that many fans had heard in trailers, and made it clear that something was very wrong.

Meanwhile, Dean is trying to control the urges from the Mark of Cain. It is almost like a drug-addiction storyline, but with a three-step program of a healthy diet, proper sleep and no alcohol. It is almost like he has become another Sam, but he clearly does not enjoy it. While he does that, Sam continues to search for something to help them and comes across Charlie beating up a district attorney. She has to be back and hunting, right? That is what the brothers believe until they come face to face with their friend.

Supernatural’s episode There’s No Place Like Home made it clear that all is not safe in Oz. Dean’s fears were justified. The brothers and Charlie fight, with Dean ending up in a leg chokehold. She even slashes the Impala’s tire before escaping. Of course, just as the brothers wonder whether they need to kill their friend, the real Charlie turns up in a little yellow car.

It turns out that during the Emerald City war, Charlie and the Wizard made a deal. She would unleash the true darkness within side her. So, it is sort of Charlie, but goes by the name of Celeste. As with any Supernatural episode, there is bad news. Good and Evil Charlie are connected, so one cannot be killed or it kills the other.

It turns out that Evil Charlie won the war, and lost Good Charlie because of that evil. So, to win her other half back, she is after the drunk driver responsible for her parents’ deaths. Sam hacks the bank accounts, so Good Charlie does not need to and they work together to get back to Oz, while Dean goes after Evil Charlie. When Dean falls for Evil Charlie’s tears, she gets to kill the drunk driver.

At the same time, Sam and Charlie find out that the Men of Letters discovered the way to get to Oz before L. Frank Baum. To make it a little easier in this Supernatural episode, Baum is alive and they go while Dean deals with the aftermath of Evil Charlie’s actions by considering drinking. That is until Evil Charlie shows up, telling him he has been lying to himself and then steals the Impala.

Baum admits that his dark side is currently in Oz still—he is the Wizard. They can summon him if they mortally wound the author, which they do while Dean uses a minivan to get to Evil Charlie. He starts to go dark side while he fights the dark side of his friend. Meanwhile, Sam is being killed by the Wizard as Good Charlie kills the good version of the author and steals the key so the two Charlies can be put back together again.

Once the day is saved once again in Supernatural, Charlie makes it clear that she will help the brothers. They need it after all, and they need the Book of the Damned, which happens to be in Tuscany. Hopefully it will give Dean a way to get rid of the Mark of Cain. She even tells Dean that she forgives him for his actions, telling him to prove that he is sorry.

It was certainly an action-packed episode, and one that many fans never expected. Many expected There’s No Place Like Home to include a shifter or demon rather than two Charlies, but it shows that Supernatural writers can come up with something fresh 10 seasons in.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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