Macklemore and Fiancée Tricia Davis Expecting First Baby


On Saturday, rapper Macklemore and his fiancée Tricia Davis announced that they were expecting their first baby in a rather unusual manner, by posting the news on the YouTube account of Ryan Lewis, Macklemore’s musical partner, according to a report by NBC affiliate, WESH, out of Orlando, Florida. The couple decided to post the video after Page Six mentioned rumors that Davis was pregnant.

The Grammy Award-winner Same Love rapper and Tricia Davis shared the news that their first baby is expected in spring, in the month of May. In the video that the Thrift Shop singer posted, Davis is having an ultrasound done. At the conclusion of the video, a slide depicts the due date, with the words written on it of May 2015.

Shortly after the video was posted on YouTube, fans around the world began congratulating Macklemore and Tricia Davis about the news that they are expecting their first baby. Further details will be reported on as they become available.

Written By: Douglas Cobb

Photo by NRK P3 – Flickr License

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