Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Ruled an ‘Accident’

Malaysia Airlines

The 239 people on board Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was announced as an ‘accident’ and everyone on board thought to be dead. The head of civil aviation authority said this Thursday at a press conference. This person also said the disappearance was an accident, as the plane was declared on the seafloor of the Indian Ocean, just the exact location is still a mystery.

The Malaysia airlines Boeing 777 airplane was nowhere to be found after takeoff at 12:41 am, from Kuala Lumpur the capital of Malaysian, to Beijing. 10 months of searching in the Indian Ocean did not provide any trace of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, director-general of the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA), said that they are also having a criminal investigation underway. On board there were 227 passengers and 12 crew. People from 13 different nations were on board including the majority of the passengers from China and six people from Australia.

What investigators are trying to figure out is why did the 777 Boeing plane became so off course. There is not much to do, considering the fact there is little to no physical evidence, specifically there were no flight recorders found. As of now, the main area of search has been searched by 30 percent according to the Joint Agency Coordination Center based in Australia.

The underwater search will be completed by as early as May. The above water search is expected to take a few more months. After a nearly two million square miles of ocean surface covered collectively, the search is over for most. As for the underwater search Australia is continuing the search below the surface.

Although the 10 months of searching for the airplane did not provide any result, searching is still underway, for some. Three survey vessels with submersibles, belonging to Australia, covered nearly 2,000 square miles of ocean floor, have discovered anything but an airplane, such as crevices and volcanoes that are inactive. After all of that searching not a single piece of evidence has been found.

The speculation, as it may help, is said that the aircraft ran out of fuel somewhere over the Indian Ocean. Other flights such as Malaysia Airlines flight 17 was traveling to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from Amsterdam, was shot down by a missile that flew over Ukraine. Another plane from Malaysia, not Malaysia Airlines, fell into the Java Sea with 162 people on board in December.

For now the Malaysian government is classifying this as an accident. The loss of life, of family members will be especially difficult considering there is no proof, only speculation as to what happened. The family members will be compensated for their loss, this is to make financial hardship a minimum, for the immediate family members.

There was a press conference to be held Thursday afternoon, but the conference was called off due to the passenger’s and crew’s families were to be there according to the Malaysia Star Newspaper. The people considered immediate family are to be briefed separately according to the DCA.

Abdul Rahman, of the Department of Civil Aviation, DCA, said that the plane being ruled an accident does not mean that it is the end. He added that the DCA will continue with assistance and cooperation from different countries and that everyone on board Malaysia Airlines flight 370 will always be honored.

By Jacob Dowd



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