Maroon 5 Become Surprise Wedding Guests

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December 6, 2014, Adam Levine and his band went from wedding to wedding, filming for Sugar, a song in Maroon 5’s latest album, V, which was released two months prior. Maroon 5 was the most surprising, yet welcomed, wedding guest for many of the couples that they performed for. No doubt the bride and groom were both blown away.

In the band’s new video for their latest single Sugar, they are followed as they surprise newlyweds, by putting on an impromptu performance. Levine said that the wedding crashing was a brand new kind of experience. He was caught off guard how affected he was by the exhilarating reactions he and his band received from the newlyweds and friends. Creating such an unforgettable celebration for all those in attendance was the highlight of the gig, Levine mentioned.

But one has to wonder how much of a surprise the gig was for everyone. “Only the grooms knew in each case,” a Maroon 5 representative told ET. However the grooms explained it to the rest of the people involved in the wedding, he said Maroon 5 could not be sure, but the members equally wanted the surprise to go off without a hitch. There were stages set up for the band they actually hired. All Maroon 5 had to do was some simple continuity changes to match each of the stages they used for the music video.

The representative stated that a select few shots had to be filmed separately from the actual weddings due to time and area constraints that could not be altered quickly. It was due to the fact that none of the newlyweds disliked their presence that the video could be made at all. Levine told ET that he was “happy [the couples] liked our band too.” That being said, what would have come of their music video if any of the guests, or the new couple, held issue with the unwelcome wedding crashers?

Maroon 5’s surprise was, luckily, accepted with glee from all the wedding guests and newlyweds they performed before. The candid video, directed by Wedding Crashers’ director, David Dobkin, showed that Levine pulled off something miraculous, in a sense. Saying “I do” would normally be the happiest moment of your wedding, but hearing Levine sing lyrics like “hotter than southern California Bay” about your wife may just trump that.

Aside from the newlyweds, fans of Maroon 5 will no doubt be happy about the new video, especially compared to their last one. In that video, for the song dubbed Animals, Levine appears to be a stalker. The target of his affections in the video was played by his real-life wife, Behati Prinsloo, a model for Victoria Secret. In the same one, Levine portrayed the aforementioned stalker, but was drenched by blood.

With this new and surprising video, including the way it was filmed, Maroon 5 fans, wedding guests or not, should look forward to the watching the video. With other hits like Maps and Moves Like Jagger, the band is sure not to disappoint.

By Matthew Austin Bowers

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