Melissa McCarthy a CIA Agent in ‘Spy’ [Trailer]


Melissa McCarthy is bringing the funny yet again in another Paul Feig-directed comedy called Spy in which she takes on the role of a secret field agent for the CIA. This film marks the actress’s third collaboration with Feig, who previously directed McCarthy in The Heat and the Oscar-nominated film Bridesmaids.

Susan Cooper is the name of McCarthy’s character in Spy, a woman who had childhood aspirations of becoming a field agent for the CIA, but has only amounted to becoming a deskbound analyst who aids of one of the industry’s top agents, played by British actor Jude Law. Susan Cooper finally gets the chance to step into the field when Law’s character is compromised by the forces of none other than Rose Byrne’s character. Byrne played the snooty character of Helen in Bridesmaids, a second reunion for McCarthy in this film.

McCarthy’s role is called upon to enter the field by the head of the CIA (played by Allison Janney) due to the fact that Byrne’s character knows the faces and names of all the other top agents. Janney places the unknown Susan Cooper into the role of a hilariously dressed Midwestern divorcee to spy on and collect intel from Byrne. The trailer displays a montage of action-packed sequences of McCarthy showcasing her fighting abilities and cracking a series of classically hilarious jokes.

The Heat star has broken through the former standards of Hollywood: the top-billed leading man with his slender blonde supporting female. McCarthy is neither a man nor a slender blonde female, she is an icon completely of her own. Through her originality and raw talent, the actress now sits comfortable on Hollywood’s A-List and is headlining a great number of major comedies now. Audiences now flock to see a film starring their favorite Bridesmaids actress who is revered by many across the world. Even though the star still receives harsh criticism for her weight and being an icon in show business, she remains completely confident in her own skin and consistently moves forward in her career.

In addition to Spy McCarthy is also attached to a new Shawn Levy-directed project in which she will play the iconic fairy Tinker Bell from the Disney classic Peter Pan. Details are very vague at this point other than the star’s involvement, but it is another example of her ability to break through stereotypes whilst keeping a big smile on her face and everyone else’s around her. Her involvement with Spy has also risen speculation on whether or not she will star in the reboot of Ghostbusters, which is also being directed by Feig. The remake of the classic film is said to consist of an all-female cast in the principal roles so one must wonder as to which of the famous characters McCarthy would be taking on. Details on the new Ghostbusters film are also very vague.

Melissa McCarthy will take on the duties of a CIA agent in Paul Feig’s latest endeavor, Spy, which opens in theaters on May 22, 2015. The trailer for the film can be viewed below.

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