Miley Cyrus Will Not Go to Rehab

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus will not go to rehab, despite the people who seem to be asking her to. The question over her getting help for her drug use comes after a photo shared with The Sun newspaper in the United Kingdom. She was spotted surrounding by various drug paraphernalia, including a rolled-up bill and white powder.

The photo was shared by an anonymous source, who also said that the singer was acting “pretty sleazy” during the day. The photo was allegedly taken at a November 26 recording session, which is the same week that Cyrus was sharing a number of photos during recording. She is reportedly working on new music at the moment at her home and in a recording studio in Los Angeles.

For a number of years, the Wrecking Ball singer has caused controversy over her drug use. However, this seems to be the tip of the iceberg for many fans, who are now worried about her. There are concerns that her drugs of choice are not the “recreational” or “sociable” ones that she claims to have used in the past.

More importantly, her father and godmother, Billy Ray Cyrus and Dolly Parton, are both reportedly worried about the singer. They want her to get help for her drug use, but Cyrus reportedly refuses to go to rehab. The anonymous source told The Sun that she has been asked by a few people, and continually says that rehab is something that she is not interested in attending.

She would not be the first singer to turn to drugs to get away from the good girl image that Disney forced her to portray. Lindsay Lohan is one of the most famous celebrities to turn to alcohol and drugs to help step away from the innocent child actor. Hopefully, Cyrus will not follow the same path. At 28, Lohan’s career has hit a low, and has been in rehab numerous times for her addictions. She has also faced a number of criminal convictions.

In August 2013, Cyrus sparked controversy at the MTV Video Music Awards. It was one of the first sparks that showed she was no longer the innocent Disney star anymore. While onstage with Robin Thicke, she started twerking against his crotch, much to the displeasure of those watching her.

Last year, she was also seen lighting up a joint while on stage. She was in Amsterdam, but many fans and parents of fans questioned the image that she was portraying. She is supposed to be a role model for children, and that is certainly not something that she is portraying right now.

However, the We Can’t Stop singer does not believe she has a drug problem. The drugs are used for social events, and she says only uses drugs like marijuana and ecstasy because they are recreational ones. She told Rolling Stone magazine that using coke means being in a bathroom rather than out with friends, and she refuses to do that.

Her recent admissions and photos have raised concerns for many. People want her to get help, but Cyrus says she will not go to rehab right now.

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