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The affiliated companies with the Liberty Voice name have a common guiding principle which defines that brand, and that is the commitment to be “Boldly Inclusive” in all aspects. It is not just a catchphrase or a slogan, but a way of approaching relationships and business operations. It is at the heart of every member of the Liberty Voice community, and a way of life.

Being “Boldly Inclusive” is not just about multiculturalism or open-mindedness. It involves actually giving a platform to every person with a desire to be heard. It is about embracing the uncomfortable and the unconventional. With respect to news, it is citizen journalism, and not limiting the definition of what is worthy of being published to stories selected by a couple of editors. It is about allowing the widest spectrum of opinion and perspectives to be presented without an agenda. It is not always about avoiding bias. It is virtually impossible for any individual to be completely bias-free. Instead, allowing those unique perspectives, and labelling them appropriately, presents a more transparent form of reporting. Rather than pretend, as many news organizations attempt, that there is no slant to their coverage, Liberty Voice platforms allow all points of view to be expressed without adopting one specifically as a publication.

Inclusivity does not mean a tolerance for hate-speech, or purposeful cruelty or deception. It does not tear apart, but builds up and enriches. It means that every citizen with a passion for truth and a talent for telling a story should have a place to find their voice. Boldness does not mean sensationalism or spectacle. It means a willingness to work together with those who hold differing opinions in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Creating community without condemnation is a more difficult approach, but a more fulfilling and beneficial one.

Reporting in the information age cannot be limited by conventional approaches and thinking. With the internet, everyone has a vehicle for what they want to say. Whether they are able to reach a large audience is another matter. As a group, the Liberty Voice companies work to take vision and desire to be heard, and transform it through education and mentoring into an actual voice able to get to the widest audience possible.

Instead of asking people to come to the table with years of experience, they embrace those who need help, and give them training and direction rather than allow the free exchange of ideas and information to be restricted. If only traditionally “qualified” or trained individuals are permitted to pursue journalism, then only the events are new and not the way of looking at them. Just because something has always been done in one way does not mean that it is the only way. This is the age of the World Wide Web. These are the days of instant fame, or infamy, with a single uploaded video or social media post. Liberty Voice believes that only by being bold, and completely inclusive in their approach, can they approach the task of meeting the needs of a global community that craves immediate satisfaction and relevant content without limitations.

Editorial By Jim Malone

Image courtesy of Exchanges Photos  – Flickr License