Mark Zuckerberg Starts a Book Club for 2015

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg has decided to start a book club for 2015. Many have reported him as being the Oprah Winfrey for his generation in the move. So far, 30 million people have been invited to take part in his new club.

The new year is the time for many people to make resolutions. Most of those are never kept, but it seems like Zuckerberg wants to make sure he keeps his. The best way to do that is by making himself accountable to others, which is likely why he shared the news on his Facebook profile. He has told the world all about his plans for 2015.

His resolution even has its own page on the social media site, with almost 120,000 people liking it at the time of writing this. His 30 million followers on Facebook were automatically invited in joining just by reading his Facebook status about his New Year’s resolution.

Zuckerberg told his fans that he was excited about his new “reading challenge.” Books are “intellectually fulfilling,” and allow people to “fully explore” topics in a way that other types of media do not allow. His page has been named A Year of Books, and he is committed to “reading a new book every other week.”

This could seem like a large feat for many. There are a lot of people who wonder where they would find the time to do this, but others can tailor the challenge to their own needs; even if it is to read some of their book every night.

Zuckerberg started his book club at the start of 2015, and people are already getting involved. He has encouraged people to read the same book that he is, with The End of Power by Moises Naim being the first on the list. The book is powerful, and is about how power has shifted so individuals have more power rather than only in militants’ and governments’ hands.

This is not the first time the Facebook CEO has taken up a challenge for the year. In previous years, he has committed to being a vegetarian, wearing a tie every day and meeting someone new outside of his company.

His fans have had other ideas for challenges that he could do. One of those was paying the student loan of a Facebook user, and a second was to teach a class of K-12 students. Zuckerberg has even been challenged to starting his own family.

In the post, it is clear there is a reason for the new challenge of reading a new book every second week. His challenge is to learn something new, whether it is about different cultures or beliefs. He says that he chose the challenge because his fans had suggested it. One fan suggested that he read a new book each month. It received 1,900 likes, and seems to have been the one he adapted to suit his own timeframe—and to make it more challenging. Others had suggested that he read the Bible or read about different countries in the world. Zuckerberg started his book club for 2015, and encourages others to join in.

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