New Hampshire Town Without Snow Plows After Fire

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New Hampshire

In the New Hampshire town of Henniker, expecting up to a foot of snow on Monday, a fire that destroyed all of the town’s snow plows might mean that the small town will be without snow plows when the storm hits. The fire began on Friday night at the Henniker Highway Department after the fleet had been out clearing snow from the streets and had returned, according to a report by Fox News.

Five dump trucks, a road grader and other vehicles that the New Hampshire town used as snow plows and which were stored in a garage in Henniker were destroyed, according to the state fire marshal’s office. The total monetary cost of the damages could amount to over $1 million dollars.

The origin of the fire, according to investigators, was in the engine of one of the vehicles. It rapidly spread from there.

The garage was not equipped with a sprinkler system, but it did have a fire alarm system, but saving the fleet of snow plows was not possible, according to State Fire Marshal J. William Degnan. The immense amount of heavy smoke and the intensity of the flames was why none of them could be rescued from the fire.

Three vehicles, a front-end loader and two pickup trucks, that the New Hampshire town uses for snow removal were not affected by the fire, as they were parked outside the garage at the time the fire broke out. The good news is that nobody was injured in the blaze.

With much of New England still struggling to remove snow from the roads following the last blizzard that swept through the region, the destruction of the New Hampshire town’s snow plows in the fire is an added blow to the town of Henniker. The town might have to rely on loans of snow removal equipment from surrounding towns when more snow hits this coming Monday.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Fox News
Photo by GeorgiaOnMyMind – Flickr License