Nicki Minaj Sings About Her Abortion on ‘Pinkprint’ Song [Video]

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj sings about the difficult choice she faced when she decided to have an abortion in one of her songs on her latest album, The Pinkprint. She related that it was the “hardest thing,” she has ever gone through. She told a reporter from Rolling Stone magazine all about the traumatic experience she faced, in the January 2 issue.

Nicki Minaj, 32, came to New York City when she was a child, having traveled there from Trinidad and Tobago. It was when she was in school at the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music and Art and Performing Arts when she began dating an older boy from Queens and became pregnant.

Being a teenager, attending high school, Minaj knew that she was not ready to properly take care of and provide for a baby. According to Nicki Minaj, “I didn’t have anything to offer a child.”

The Anaconda singer decided to write about her devastating experience on the song, All Things Go, from The Pinkprint, which debuted in second place on the Billboard 200 chart in December 2014. She opened up about her personal life in a way she has never done before, not only with All Things Go, but with other songs off of the album, singing about topics like her breakup with her longtime boyfriend, Sarafee Samuels.

Nicki Minaj discuses in the interview about struggling with her feelings and how she finally found a way to express them through her songs. She said that she eventually came to the decision that “there’s no reason for me to hide.” The Pills n Potions rapper added that she was “a vulnerable woman,” and that she was “proud of that.”

The best songs are generally the ones in which a musical artist tries to keep it real, and sing about his or her own life experiences. That is definitely the case with Nicki Minaj. One of the challenges that Minaj must have tackled was how to make such a painful and traumatic experience as having an abortion also one that was catchy and listenable enough to appeal to her fans. That she has been able to do so is a testimony to her skills as a singer and songwriter.

With the three songs that Nicki Minaj wrote that are included in the 16-minute short movie, The Pinkprint, she also delves into the emotional breakup she went through with her boyfriend of 11 years, Sarafee “Scaff Beezy” Samuels. The three songs are The Crying Game, featuring uncredited vocals from British musician Jessie Ware; Bed of Lies, with vocals also by Skylar Grey; and, the final song, Grand Piano, a powerful ballad about feeling as if she had gotten “played” by the lover she had been in a relationship with.

With The Pinkprint, Nicki Minaj has certainly given her fans a peek into her personal life, making public some areas of her life she had previously kept very private. It has also been a critical and an artistic triumph, coming in second only to the juggernaut that is Taylor Swift’s 1989 during the last weeks of December and of 2014.

Written By: Douglas Cobb

Nicki Minaj singing “All Things Go” on SNL

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