Nigeria Suicide Bombing Kills 19

NigeriaA suicide attack in the city of Maidugury in Nigeria, carried out by a young girl in the Monday Market, killed at least 19 people and has injured 18 more. The girl is believed to have been around 10 years old. Gideon Jubrin, spokesperson for local police, reported that the improvised device killed 19, plus the young bomber. The condition of the remaining injured from the blast has not yet been released, and it is possible that the death toll will rise. The bomb was detonated near the live chicken section of the market.

This location has been targeted before by women with bombs. Last year the same area twice saw similar attacks. The Nigerian police are conducting an investigation into the specifics of this suicide attack. No indication has been given as to whether they believe this bomber to be connected with the previous attacks. The use of a 10-year-old female child has many wondering if this may be linked to Boko Haram, though no specific claim has been made to this effect.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of International Institute of Tropical Agriculture – Flickr License

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