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Nintendo Likely to Discontinue Original 3DS



The Nintendo 3ds was originally released in 2011, and since then it has seen a number of changes to design, theme and software. The handheld system managed to keep Nintendo breathing when everything else they had was not bringing in profit. The 3DS is still going strong today and has quite the massive library to keep players playing for much longer, but has Nintendo finally begun to say goodbye to the 3DS.

Originally, the 3DS was the only 3DS people could buy, the 3DS XL did not come out until 2012 and the 2DS did not come out until 2013. Some places saw the New 3DS in 2014, North America was not one of them. Although, it is speculated heavily the North America will see a New 3DS release sometime in 2015.

It has been reported that the U.S. and U.K. are both low on stock for the 3DS. Toys “R” Us is the only place in the U.S. to get a pink 3DS, however the item has been removed from the online store without an announcement. Most U.S. retailers such Target and Best Buy have discontinued the line as well. Nintendo has not made an official announcement about the discontinuation however, Gamestop has said that continued production has stopped.

In Japan, the original 3DS was discontinued a few months ago to clear way for the New 3DS, which has another analogue stick that will be used to play specific exclusive titles such and Xenoblade Chronicles. It looks like the original 3DS is coming to an end, maybe the 3DS XL will be next. The 2DS is too different and unstoppable to be discontinued, unless it had a direct replacement there is no reason for it to disappear.

This decision comes close to another big announcement, which is that Nintendo is removing itself from Brazil. Due to all of the high taxes for imports, video game consoles of all types are much more expensive than they should be. Nintendo apologizes to all of the passionate fans in Brazil, because their decision is an official one.

Nintendo has also been making waves in the news with other news including the discontinuation of certain amiibo figures. Since Super Smash Bros of the Wii U released the system and its controllers have seen a jump in sales. The most sought after possession would have to be the gamecube adaptor, which allows four gamecube controllers to hook up to the Wii U. With so many smash players preferring to play on a gamecube controller, Nintendo had a hard time keeping the adaptor in stock. Luckily, other companies have been selling replacements.

Although the previous few years were rough on Nintendo they have jumped back into the spotlight and are once again doing fine. To many it looks like they will soon discontinue the original 3DS in support of the more advanced New 3DS. The handheld is currently only available in Japan and Australia but will see more global releases in 2015.

By Garrett Jutte
International Business Times
Christian Today

Photo by Mattjerome_88 – Flickr Licence

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