Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 16: Over a Barrel [Recap/Review]

Pretty Little Liars

College is on the minds for the Pretty Little Liars in episode 16 of season five, Over a Barrel. However, it appears that none of them will get there. After all, with two more seasons after this, the show runners need a way to keep the four friends together, with easy access for A.

To kick the episode off, there is still Johnny; the mysterious artist currently living in Spencer’s barn. As usual, there is another creepy guy living on the Hasting’s property, so all suspicions are on him. In true Pretty Little Liars fashion, there is no way that someone can innocently land in Rosewood, so what is his secret?

The Liars finally tell each other the truth about their recent escapades. It is about time really. The four should have learned five seasons in that lying to each other is not the way to go. A knows everything and will tell the friends or use it for blackmail. Spencer admits to the knife, Hanna admits to going out to find Holbrook, and Emily is still in denial about missing Paige. Where is Aria in all this? She is currently in Ezra’s coffee shop, when she gets a receipt with her novel that she penned to admissions to get herself into college.

Ted has returned to Rosewood and is back with Ashley. Of course, Hanna needs to keep her mom’s secret, but how long will that really work in this suburb? Ted takes it too far by proposing with a peanut butter cookie, and Ashley has a meltdown over the guilt of sleeping with Jason.

Over a Barrel, the 16th episode of Pretty Little Liars season five, seems to be setting up a new relationship. Of course, the girls are not complete when they do not have a boyfriend/girlfriend waiting in the wings to cause problems. Right now, Talia is getting into arguments with Emily over the smallest of things, but it may not be long until that anger turns to passion.

Spencer has some good news finally. She has been accepted to colleges, with one of those being in Hawaii. However, she only applied to get away from A, and is there really any escape from this deranged person? The idea of leaving Toby behind is not a problem; he will follow her. To help sort her head, she turns to Johnny—who she has only known for an episode or so—and starts to wonder whether college is really necessary.

It is a downward spiral for Spencer and Toby in Pretty Little Liars. Toby finds out that Spencer and Caleb have been texting over the attempt of finding Mona’s body, but he wants to know the truth. It really is about time he is kept in the loop considering his position now in the police force. He could actually do something from the inside.

When everyone gets an alert to say that Mona’s password has been cracked—strange when even Caleb had failed—they decide they need to find out who has done it. It turns out that the laptop is in a storage facility, so Spencer and Caleb got to check it out. Spencer runs into an old teacher, who says there was a blonde girl there some weeks ago. That just means the two need to break into the locked unit through the air duct. Have the Pretty Little Liars never learned?

It soon turns out that plastic bags are full of bloody clothes and there are chemical suits around. There are chemicals in one barrel with Mona’s laptop on top, and Spencer knows that the chemicals can destroy a body. Despite wiping the storage CCTV footage, Spencer is looking for a way that ties Holbrook to this new storage locker. However, Caleb finds out something else. The locker has been leased in Hanna’s name, and the plot thickens as usual for Pretty Little Liars.

There are many theories over the identity of A, and there are always red herrings here and there. The idea of Holbrook being A seems a little far-fetched, but he could be working for A. He would have access to everything A would need on the inside. However, right now, the Pretty Little Liars have a lot more on their minds with the aftermath of Over a Barrel, episode 16 of the fifth season.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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