RHOA: NeNe Leakes Finally Met Her Match With Claudia Jordan

Real Housewives of Atlanta
’s star Linnethia “NeNe” Leakes has finally met her match on the most watched Housewives franchise. NeNe has long been known as the queen of “reading” when it came to the other cast members of the show. She is a quick thinker and can usually shoot off several insults before her competitor can consider a comeback.

On Sunday’s episode of the RHOA, while stars elsewhere were celebrating the Golden Globes, NeNe was losing her crown to her newest co-star Claudia Jordan. Many of the housewives were throwing shade throughout the episode but the evening capped off with Claudia and NeNe’s battle.

The ladies were in Puerto Rico together when a series of spats surfaced between many of the co-stars. Claudia attempted to make peace of the apparent war zone when NeNe went straight into attack mode. The problem she encountered was this woman was not afraid to go toe-to-toe with the queen and was not short of her own arsenal of one-liners.

This, however, was not the first run-in Claudia and NeNe have experienced. Mrs. Leakes has been quite nasty with the new-comer from their first interaction on the show. Claudia said she knew NeNe prior to the show and at Kandi’s party attempted to be pleasant and greet the “Queen” but was quickly dismissed as if she and NeNe had never met. Claudia never implied that the two ladies were friends but did say she had met and been friendly with NeNe on other occasions.

Several years ago NeNe befriended Claudia on social media. The actress asked Claudia to follow her back on Twitter because she wanted to discuss something with her. At this time Claudia was really busy working; she had made her first appearance as a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice and had been hired by NBC and Donald Trump to co-host the Miss Universe Pageant. Claudia was not even a fan of the reality show and had not thought twice about connecting with Linnethia.


She accepted NeNe’s connection request and in turn followed the reality star back. NeNe asked Claudia to fill in for her for an upcoming event being held in Atlanta. Claudia agreed and hosted the event for NeNe which went extremely well. Upon arriving to Atlanta Claudia went to a pool party and to her surprise met NeNe in person. She admittedly wondered why the RHOA star would dismiss the event even though she was going to be in town.  Claudia did not publicly question it stating, “It was none of my business.”

Upon their first meeting NeNe was very complimentary and sweet to her replacement. The conversation did not stop there; NeNe continued to tweet kind words to Claudia, the two have taken pictures together at events, and Claudia interviewed NeNe on the red carpet. According to the co-host for The Rickey Smiley Show, this was the reason she was caught off guard by the way NeNe treated her at Kandi’s party.

It seems the model was fed up with NeNe’s shenanigans by the time they arrived to Puerto Rico because she quickly took the “reading” crown from NeNe without question. NeNe could not think fast enough to respond in her normal arrogant and degrading manner. Claudia’s gun was loaded and ready to go; she had no shortage of ammunition.

Claudia wanted to make it clear that they were never friends, but were definitely not strangers. She has no interest in being friends with NeNe and sees no redeeming qualities that would cause her to pursue any type of relationship with her. In her own words, “The short time I have spent with her within the last few months have been draining.” The extent of their prior relationship may be cloudy, but what was clearly seen on the Sunday’s episode of RHOA is NeNe has finally met her match with new-comer Claudia Jordan.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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  1. Angie   February 9, 2015 at 4:40 am

    Claudia rules. The Neigh-Neight man loookalike is no match for beauty and brains.

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