Samsung Evolution Kits Will Update Older Smart TVs

Samsung Evolution Kits

Samsung evolution kits will update the brand’s older smart TVs. Smart TVs bought in 2014 could get the kits to be able to run Tizen. The new Tizen-run televisions are the highlights of Samsung’s booth at the current International CES 2015 in Las Vegas. The Tizen TV is smarter and simpler but cannot be run for the older TVs, unless with the Samsung evolution kits.

First in smartwatch and now in TVs, Tizen may work better than it would have with smartphones. From this year onwards, Samsung’s new smart TVs will run Tizen, the in-house standardized open operating system that Samsung was working on, which simplifies user interface in TVs compared to the OS of the brand’s past TVs. Tizen enables users to easily connect to their TVs to adjacent Samsung smartphones, smartwatches and tablets, as well as watch live broadcast on their mobile device anywhere, even when the TV is off.

While Samsung will push Tizen software upgrades, it may leave behind older TV units. Executive Vice President Joe Stinziano of Samsung Electronics America said at CES 2015 on Monday that it is not possible. Samsung cannot go back to combine their smart TV’s operating systems, yet the company will still be pushing a Tizen software update. That is where Samsung evolution kits, which will update older smart TVs, come in.

It is not usual for companies to push software updates to refurbish the OS of their devices, but Samsung did the same with its wearables. The South Korean firm released the Galaxy Gear in 2013 with Android OS and when it released its next smarwatches in 2014 with Tizen OS, it also pushed updates for the older devices to have an OS overhaul with Tizen.

Furthermore, the South Korean electronics firm is trying to make its TVs future proof, selling Samsung evolution kits so that TVs like those from 2014 will be updated with the recent technology by changing just the box and not the entire TV set. They will continue selling Samsung evolution kits for certain types of TVs, Stinziano said. He added they had a great year in TVs and one of the reasons, he believes, is because of future proofing.

Samsung, which is a consistent CES award winner for its innovations in mobile and consumer electronics, is not planning to go into Android TV. The company utilizes Android for its smartphones only and opts to develop its own software for the TVs. Though they are doing well with Google, the Asian company finds Tizen fitting pretty well in their needs for smart TVs in terms of balancing technology, picture quality and experience, explained Stinziano.

Samsung’s new smart TVs are not just UHD TVs but super UHD TVs, coming along with two big technologies – Quantum QTM dot color reproduction and the High Dynamic Range playback. The JS9 series with HDR, which come in 65, 78 and 88-inch models are powerful and bright in delivering wider than usual color space. In addition to the 10-bit panels which increases the previous 8-bit, the TVs are powered by Octa Core processing chips instead of the Quad Core processors in the brand’s previous top-end TVs. The demo of SUHD TVs at CES shows people the transparent difference with HDR and Quantum Dot color system.

With Samsung evolution kits, owners will be able to update their older smart TVs to keep up with the newest technologies. Meanwhile, Tizen’s try in TVs is set to redefine smart TV experience.

By Judith Aparri

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