Conspiracy Theories Surround Charlie Hebdo Attack

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ConspiracyConspiracy theories are flying around the internet surrounding the attack on the Paris newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, and some points are being made as to who might have instigated this heinous crime. These theories range from the extreme, like comparing this to the attacks on the Jewish in Mumbai, where 12 highly coordinated attacks killed nearly 200 people, to the more rational who are asking why a cartoon would suddenly set a terrorist attack in motion. At this time, theories include a conspiracy by the CIA and the Mossad of Israel.

Reddit is alive with theories and talk of this being a targeted attack to eliminate two specific people, thus making this a coordinated assassination, not a terrorist attack. The papers highest paid cartoonist and the editor are said to be the persons that were the true reason for the blood shed. The fact that the brutal confrontation at the Paris paper happened on the day when all top personnel were in the building gives even further food for thought. Reddit threads ponder the question of how the masked gunmen knew all the upper level people would be there that day. Others comment on the fact that all pictures and video of this slaughter show that there was no traffic at all on the streets in front of the paper, which on a work day in Paris is unheard of.

Statements of how highly coordinated and how quickly it all went down contribute greatly to the theory that this indeed was a conspiracy.  Witnesses state that it appeared to be a military mission with precision and utter dedication to a job that got them in and out within minutes of the first shots. Added to this is the fact that the cartoon that many people believe to be the reason for the attack was published mere hours before the gunmen entered the building. Conspiracy theorists believe this was a highly coordinated event that in no way could have been executed that quickly in retaliation for a satirical cartoon.

In the attack on Charlie Hebdo, many on Reddit’s forum want to remind the public that a rocket launcher and automatic rifles that look to be military issue were used. How these recognizable weapons came into the hands of the assailants is one of the mysteries surrounding the attack, as is the reasons behind it. Governments have long been accused of treachery and operations that look more like terrorist acts, the United States included. Reddit followers and conspiracy theorists alike are sure that there are people in the world that can influence events, even one as heinous as this one.

The questions may never be answered, however a terrorist attack based on a cartoon of the ISIS leader published by Charlie Hebdo just does not seem viable to most. This was not even the first time a satirical comic of ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi was published by the Paris paper, so many want to know why would it set off this set of catastrophic events this time.

By Kristi Cereska

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