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Often called the “perfect food” due to their amazing range of nutrients, fats and proteins, avocados are more than a delicious salad topping, they may also be the very best baby food available. As the time comes to begin introducing solid food into a baby’s diet, avocados come in handy as a first food choice due to their “ready-made” texture and casing. They also provide little ones with all the elements necessary for proper nutrition and brain development.

Deemed a “superfood” by health food enthusiasts, avocados rank outstanding in vitamin and mineral content, offer a solid base of healthy fats and contain gentle fiber which can help new babies in their freshly developing digestive tract. Avocados are highest in oleic acid, an essential fatty acid that supports heart health and blood vessel strength and development. Omega 3 fatty acids, (in the form of alpha linoleic acid), also found in high degree in avocados, have been shown in research to be of the utmost import in brain development and increasing brain volume. Little ones need these omega 3 fatty acids in great quantities during their earlier years which is one reason avocados really make one of the best first baby foods.

With seven to eight grams of dietary fiber per serving, this incredible green fruit, often mistaken for a vegetable, provides a gentle source of digestible fiber which also keeps blood sugar in check. Sugar, often found in early baby formulas and “first foods” is highly damaging to a young system as it compromises the immune functions and creates early dependencies upon these highly refined sweeteners. Young mothers are urged to check labels to find out if sugar, also in the form of high-fructose corn syrup or sucrose, are present in the foods they choose to feed their small ones. If so, perhaps looking for an alternative, free of these refined, more difficult to digest products, would be a positive choice in supporting early childhood development and preventing early addiction to one of America’s biggest dependencies.

When young mothers are wondering what to feed their infant, often the most important consideration is the speed of preparation. With nature’s perfect food, prep time is only as long as it takes to slice it open and scoop a spoon into its creamy interior. Some small children, during growth spurts, can finish an entire avocado in a single sitting without a shred of concern from mom or dad as to the health of their meal. With some of the highest source of carotenoids found in nature, rivaling even the beloved carrot, this green meal is a mean barrier to free-radicals and over-exposure to potentially dangerous environmental toxins that may threaten small bodies.

Nature’s perfect food, the avocado, may very well be the very best baby food on the market today. With ease of preparation coupled with outstanding nutrition, every mom ought to sigh with relief at how easy making baby’s lunch can be. (It is recommended small children are introduced to new foods gradually. If considering feeding avocados to infants, begin around six months and try a small amount first to check for unusual reactions.)

By Stasia Bliss


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