Scotland: Cargo Vessel Overturns and Eight Crew Members Are Missing

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A cargo vessel, the Cemfjord, that embarked from Scotland has been located, overturned, but the eight crew members who were traveling in it are missing. That is what the Royal National Lifeboat Institution reported, according to a Breaking News story broadcast by NBC affiliate WPTZ News Channel 5 and CNN.

Around 2:30 p.m., the Shetland coast guard was informed that the cargo vessel’s hull was spotted 11 miles east off of the coast of the Pentland Skerries. Rescue vessels, including lifeboat crews and two helicopters, searched for the eight missing crewmen, but the search for the men has now been called off until the morning.

A tugboat will remain on the scene during the night to warn other ships in the vicinity who might otherwise approach too closely. Photographs taken of the Cemfjord depict the craft with one end jutting from the water, in a vertical position.

According to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, the search and rescue operations for the eight crewmen who embarked from Scotland in the cargo vessel are being conducted by the coast guard of Shetland. Though the Cemfjord has been found, the eight crewmen who were aboard are missing.

Written By Douglas Cobb

WPTZ News Channel 5
Photo by cowrin – >Flickr License