Scott Disick Launches Teatox Campaign in Order to Get Sober


Scott Disick, father to Kourtney Kardashian’s three children, has reportedly launched a new campaign to kick his drinking habit and become sober, and this time it involves tea. Earlier today, the 31-year-old posted a photograph to his Twitter account in which he detailed his latest business idea, in which he is advertising the product of a company called Bootea.

The product in question claims to assist individuals in improving their health and/or losing weight, by way of what is referred to as “teatoxing”. The beverage is consumed for a period of two weeks, and its all natural ingredients are said to help the aforementioned process move along. The company is based in the United Kingdom, but Bootea is shipped worldwide for an additional fee. The picture in question shows Disick seated on a couch with the product placed in front of him on a coffee table, along with a teapot and glass. The caption detailed the New York native’s desire to start 2015 off right, and begin a cleanse in order to work on his health.

The news of Disick’s alleged new goal to turn his life around comes less than a week after the story broke that he and his crew got into quite a situation while in Aspen for a trip that occurred the weekend before last. Not only did he and his boys, one of whom is the famous artist Alec Monopoly, go on a major bender around town but they also took their shenanigans back to the hotel room and caused some serious trouble. First, one of Disick’s friends hopped the counter of the lobby bar and stole a bottle that is believed to have been of Johnny Walker Black, which the group took back to the room for consumption. Although hotel staff charged them for the missing alcohol upon realizing that they were the culprits, they did not instigate any kind of criminal action in response to the theft. The monetary compensation required for the scotch whiskey that was pilfered.

This, however, was merely the beginning of an extremely raucous and expensive night of hard-drinking. That same night, Disick and his entourage proceeded to order almost $850 more of alcohol, following by an additional $600 the following evening. During the weekend, multiple staff members were sent by managers to investigate the alleged smell of marijuana coming from the group’s room, an issue which was raised by various other hotel guests. Upon the posse’s exit, they were charged an additional $500 due to there being dozens of bottles and cigarette butts littered throughout the room, which had a strict non-smoking policy.

A source claiming to be close to Disick and Kardashian recently told RadarOnline that the 35-year-old is fully considering the idea of being 100 percent through with her partner and his wild ways, which are said to have escalated to lying about his whereabouts. Upon realizing that Disick had been multi-state club-hopping while also telling his girlfriend that he was doing his hardest to stay clean and change his ways, Kardashian is said to have reached her breaking point and is questioning the legitimacy/future of their relationship. She recently uploaded an Instagram post seemingly directed at Disick, in which she recited a quote from Martin Luther King Jr., stating that one should never let another bring them down until one feels hatred towards that particular individual.

It remains to be seen whether Scott Disick is serious about becoming sober for good this time, or whether it is merely a plea to get Kourtney Kardashian to stick around and give him yet another chance. For now, however, the businessman seems to be totally invested in starting a new chapter in his life.

By Rebecca Grace

Radar Online

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