Sean Penn Talks Marriage and Charlize Theron

PennIn a new interview for the March edition of Esquire U.K., Sean Penn talks about marriage and his current relationship with Charlize Theron. The actor tells the magazine that although he has been married previously, he would consider his next marriage to really be his first. Penn’s previous marriages to both Madonna and Robin Wright may have been official and resulted in two children with his second wife, but the actor feels like at the time he was not as informed as he is now. In fact he said that while others may consider it a third marriage, he would instead consider this a first marriage on his own terms.

Penn first married Madonna from 1985 to 1989 and then married Wright from 1996 to 2010. While he described his relationship to the singer as being extremely friendly, he was not as forthcoming about his status with Wright. In fact, the actor only said that he was actually on good terms with his children from that marriage. He continued the statement by saying that when people go through a divorce, it is never an easy process and that people inevitably take swings at each other and take bites out of the other person. Penn even says that by the end of a divorce all that is left is a chance to look at one’s own failures to themselves, to a friendship, to that marriage and even to the other person.

Although Penn has seemingly not had the best of luck with marriage, when he talks about the possibility with current girlfriend Theron, it seems like an entirely different experience. In fact, he seems to have a sense of positivity about the prospect of walking down the aisle once more, especially if that happens with Theron. Not only is there a sense of hope about possible marriage, but the actor specifically told Esquire that would get married once more.

When Penn talks about his current relationship, he seems to be surprised by the fact that he is actually in love once again. The actor says that some might think that the relationship happened too late, but in fact he feels that when you meet that person that you care about at this point in life, it is a much happier feeling overall. He described the emotions as being more true, more passionate and deeper than ever before. In fact he feels that this relationship is not only more fulfilling but also more romantic and that as a human being he is a good person within the relationship itself.

Fans of the actor and actress, as well as other observers of the couple’s relationship, have talked about a potential marriage between Penn and Theron for a while now. While there are rumors of a possible engagement, the couple has only been together for a little over a year and they have remained quiet about the possibility of pending nuptials. There are even rumors that Penn has filed paperwork to adopt Theron’s three-year-old son, Jackson. Although an engagement may not have been confirmed, the connection between the two seems to be stronger than ever.

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