Georgia Police Investigating Officer-Involved Shooting


Sandy Springs, Georgia, police are on the scene of a shooting which appears to have involved an officer. Details are incomplete at this juncture, but initial reports confirm that one person was shot and transported to a local hospital for treatment. It is not yet known what their condition is or whether it was the officer or another person who shot them. As no other people were taken to the hospital, and an officer-involved shooting was reported, it is likely that this person is the one shot by the officer. No details have been released as to the nature of the crime being investigated or the circumstances of the shooting.

Local media is reporting a large police presence at the scene, as seen from a news helicopter overhead. The scene has been cordoned off, but it is not known yet if this is for the investigation or if there continues to be an ongoing situation at the apartments. The incident took place at 330 WInding River Drive in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Victoria Pickering РFlickr License

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