Sony Corporation May Face Legal Action Over ‘The Interview’

Sony Corporation

The new year is not looking great for Sony Corporation, which may face legal action over The Interview. Despite it becoming one of the most popular movies online, there are a number of unintended consequences. One of those is the alleged use of a song that the company did not have the rights for in the movie.

During The Interview, Pay Day by Yoon Mi-rae is played. According to her record label Feel Ghood Music, there were negotiations over the use but they have never come to an agreement. Contracts were never signed, but Sony Corporation decided to use it anyway. The movie, which had been banned from movie theaters, was released on Christmas Day to 300 independent movie theaters and online.

Feel Ghood Music representatives explained that the company believed the song was no longer going to be used. It was only once the movie was released that they realized Pay Day was featured in it, without permission or contracts.

This just tops off the number of issues Sony Corporation has had over the end of 2014. Cyber attackers hacked into the company and shared a number of private emails. One of those was a threat of terrorist attacks if the movie was released, and Sony Pictures decided it was best to hold off the release. A number of movie theaters did not want to run the risk of terrorist attacks. Now Sony Corporation may face legal action over The Interview.

Feel Ghood Music is already reportedly looking into its options. The label explained that it will definitely take action against Sony Pictures and DFSB, which had carried out the discussion over the track’s use.

Since releasing the movie on Christmas Day, it has become the highest-grossing movie for online streaming. This is good news for the corporation, but could be bad news for the future. It shows that there is a benefit to allowing movies to go straight to YouTube and Google Play, rather than going into the movie theaters. People like the comfort of their own home and lower ticket prices.

However, this could lead to consequences for other businesses. It could also lead to lower sales overall. Most of the movie companies make their money back with ticket sales in the movie theaters. It would be almost impossible for companies to get $100 million or more from online releases, which is the amount that The Hunger Games and other similar blockbuster movies were able to pull in. The Interview brought in $1 million on Christmas Day, and the controversy over the movie likely helped with that.

This could cause a problems should Sony Corporation be taken to court for the use of the song. The profits that come out of making the movie could soon be cut considerably. Of course, this will depend on the terms of an agreement and the company’s defense. At the moment, Sony Pictures has refused to comment.

It is not looking like the most positive start of the year, especially after the hack at the end of 2014. Sony Corporation could now face legal action over the use of one song in The Interview.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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