Gwyneth Paltrow Regrets Splitting With Chris Martin

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow regrets the decision to split with her husband Christ Martin. She explained all in a recent interview, and said that her life may have been better. It was one of the biggest celebrity split shocks of 2014.

Early in the year, Paltrow and Martin announced that they would bring their 11-year marriage to an end. The 42-year-old explained on her website GOOP that it was amicable and they were still very good friends. Rather than calling it a divorce, she said that it was conscious uncoupling, which sparked debate over the term.

Friend of the actress, Cameron Diaz, commended her decision for using the term. Divorce still has a stigma attached, and Paltrow did not want to bring that stigma into her home. She was still friends with her ex-husband, and she needed a term that would show that. It was not an overnight decision, either. The two had reportedly spent over a year trying to work through the troubles in their marriage.

However, Paltrow recently admitted that the decision to split with Martin was not easy, and she has some regrets over it. In the Harper’s Bazaar UK February issue, she said that the regrets are “occasional.” She wonders whether things would be better with her husband by her side, and whether it would be easier on their two children.

There was a lot of pain after ending her marriage. At times she even wondered if it would be easier not to see her ex-husband again. However, that would not help anyone, especially their two children. They co-parent and still go on family vacations to make sure Apple and Moses do not feel split or upset.

In the interview, she did go on to say that their friendship is solidified now. They are very close, and that definitely helps their children.

There were many people questioning why the two decided to split up. Martin’s age seems to have something to do with it. He was just 25 when they married, and Paltrow admits that he was very young. She was expecting him to be an adult at all times and relied on him heavily. She is six years older than the Coldplay frontman, which may not have helped matters.

They also married very quickly after they met. It was also shortly after the death of Paltrow’s father, so there may have been other reasons for her to latch on to Martin. However, she does not regret the decision to marry the Coldplay singer. They have two children together, and they have been able to remain good friends now. She told Harper’s Bazaar that she is proud of the two of them for being able to get as far as they have.

That does not mean it has all been easy. Since the split, there have been good and bad days for them. It may not have helped that Martin’s possible relationship with The Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence was widely publicized. However, Paltrow also says that there are times that she regrets the decision to split up with ex-husband Martin.

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