Cameron Diaz Supports Gwyneth Paltrow for Split from Chris Martin

Cameron DiazCameron Diaz has recently spoken out in support for Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin deciding it was time to split up. The couple decided that they would “uncouple” after being together for over a decade. However, they still love each other and will continue to co-parent their two children Apple and Moses.

The 41-year-old Something About Mary actress decided to speak out in support of her friend, stating that it was a very “brave” decision. She made it clear that the decision to split up was not something the two had come to lightly. They had spent at least a year in therapy, both couple and individual, to try to work it out.

The defense for her friend came due to the decision to term the split “conscious uncoupling” rather than “divorce.” There is a stigma that still surrounds divorce, and many people believe that it means the two people in the marriage hate each other. That is definitely not the case with Paltrow and Martin. They have already stated they love each other, and have been spotted together on a family holiday despite the announcement.

Diaz went on to explain that she supports her friends, Paltrow and Martin, for their split, and thinks that it is a beautiful thing that they have decided to do. They have realized that their individual lives are heading in different directions, but know that they need to remain together for parenting. By remaining friends, they can both help to support their children and still be strong influences in Apple and Moses’ lives.

Offering her opinions over the recent celebrity split has not been the only thing that the 41-year-old has spoken about. In a recent interview with Glamour UK magazine, the actress spoke about jealous among women and how all women are strongly attracted to another woman at some point in their lives. This does not mean a sexual attraction. The Other Woman actress was talking about an appreciation of beauty and a deep connection with that person.

The star recently authored a book called The Body Book, which goes through all her thoughts on beauty and hygiene. Within that, she explained that she did not quite understand the whole idea behind laser hair removal. As bodies change so do personalities and tastes. Someone who thinks that no hair looks great now may wish that they never went through with it later in life.

The Glamour interview also gave Diaz the chance to talk about her age and view on Hollywood. Many people have asked whether she worries about not getting the best roles in Hollywood, but she explained that she loves the older roles and is really looking forward to them. She also mentioned how she no longer needs to prove herself as an actress or a person.

During her time in Hollywood, the 41-year-old has remained relatively grounded and continues to support her friends around her. That has shown recently in the way Diaz has supported Paltrow during her recent split from Martin.

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