Playstation 4 to Receive ‘The Last Of Us’ [Satire]


playstation 4 the last of usWhilst the majority of the planet can not even look at a Playstation 4 without feeling as though the technological world is propelling teenagers into a new age and leaving everyone else to choke in its dust cloud, some people actually own one (and more amazingly, they know how to operate it). For these people, the opportunity to escape real-life problems and delve head first into the Middle-Eastern conflict or a bloody Western shootout is relaxing, and well worth the initial £350 ($550) price-tag. As this is the case, such gamers might be excited to know that the PS4 is to receive successful Naughty Dog title The Last Of Us in the coming summer months.

The Last Of Us follows fungal pandemic survivors Joel and Ellie, as they traverse an apocalyptic-esk, brainless zombie-infested United States (although unlike the real United States, it is set around the year 2033). This synopsis will come as no surprise to the large majority of Playstation fans who read it, as the game was released back in 2013 and has sold over 6 million copies to date, meaning if you like games, you’ve probably already played it.

The question of why Playstation 4 manufacturers Sony would bother to re-release a product most of their target market has already bought is matched in its enigmatic nature only by the mental state of those customers willing to pay for a video game they already have. No doubt that sitting on many gamers shelves right now, wedged between an issue of this month’s Playboy and six-pack of Red Bull, is their copy of The Last Of Us, untouched for at least six months and covered in an ever-thickening layer of dust. It is a CD destined to spend the rest of its days in a plastic prison of loneliness.

But now the Playstation 4 is to receive The Last Of Us, and as if by some miracle, people rediscover their lust for the game.  It becomes hot topic again, with the next generation edition to contain previous downloadable content (DLC) and a significant graphics enhancement from its predecessor. The story line will be re-experienced, every dramatic scene and plot-twist being a clone of the original, thus provoking no sense of anticipation or new emotion from second time players. It’s like watching a 15-hour long movie 12 months after you watched it the first time.

There are gamers out there however, that would prefer Naughty Dog to occupy their time with the development of other projects. There have been talks of a sequel to the title which would largely be supported by PS4 fans, purely because people cannot get enough of sombre, repetitive gameplay and would like to see how much more depressing the story can get. Others might relish the thought of an addition to the main Jak And Daxter franchise, absent since its last instalment in 2009, and with no PS3 representation at all.

Unfortunately, all they have to look forward to is an example of pure, unadulterated repetition. That is until Naughty Dog reveals a little more information about the fourth-coming Uncharted game, but with their usual procedure seeing them release a new title every two years, the fact that the Playstation 4 is to receive The Last Of Us is as big as it will get for Naughty Dog fans for a while.

Satire by Zachary John



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  1. Maesimt   March 31, 2014 at 10:25 am

    I don’t own the ps3 and I haven’t played The Last Of Us yet. I’m convinced there’s plenty of persons in the same situation and that they are happy to know that they won’t have to buy a playstation 3 or wait for PsNow to enjoy this game.

  2. Chris   March 29, 2014 at 6:47 pm

    Thanks for reading my comment !


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