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The Sony Corporation has undergone many trials in the past months as various amounts of hacking has occurred within the company. In the midst of all the unfortunate mayhem, it still seems that the company is able to move forward with their numerous projects, one of them involving the Sony Corporation’s best-selling PlayStation gaming console. The next generation of the system, the PlayStation 5 is rumored to be a completely cloud-based console, the first in video game history.

It is still unknown whether the PlayStation 5 will receive an actual physical console or not, but it has been officially confirmed that the PS5 will be happening. The vice president of Sony Corporation’s Computer Entertainment, Masayasu Ito, was the individual who confirmed that a number of “next generation” video gaming systems are to come and that the PS5 is a part of that mix. Even the VP himself also stated that he does not know what form the console will actually take and insinuated that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 could possibly be the last of physical home systems players would experience.

The movement of only having cloud-based consoles is very likely to upset a great many of the world’s gamers. As paying upwards of $500 for the new video game every few years can become tiresome, a physical reward for the payment is often desired and to simply receive software for a price as hefty as that would not appeal to everyone who deems themselves a player of video games. The upside to the cloud-based direction is the speed of production would only go up, allowing new systems to come out more frequently, although that means spending more money more frequently as well. Customers would also be able to acquire the new system in the comfort of their own home as opposed to making the trip to the store to pick up a copy of the latest PlayStation.

The Sony Corporation experienced its major hack last year as many of the company’s email chains were leaked to the public, revealing much information that was undoubtedly intended to be kept private. Top film producers such as Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin were exposed to be talking ill of a number of fellow individuals within the business, including a nasty rant about actress Angelina Jolie. The Sony Corporation has now been tasked with yet another hack on the PlayStation Network, coming from a group of users known as the “Lizard Squad.” The company has since resolved the majority of the issue and is now offering PlayStation Plus subscribers the chance to extend their membership by five days as well as giving out a 10% discount for all PlayStation users to use at the PlayStation Store.

The Sony Corporation has managed to remain positive and truck through all of the catastrophes that have ensued. While developers are constantly moving forward to produce new products such as the PS5, they have ensured that the new console will be aimed specifically towards the games, returning to focus more on the gameplay and story aspects of its titles as opposed to the numerous network additions that have been in the limelight recently. No release date for the PS5 has been announced, only word of its development.

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3 Responses to "Sony Corporation PlayStation 5 Possibly Cloud-Based Console"

  1. shockwavepulsar   January 4, 2015 at 3:58 pm

    They are a bit ahead of themselves if they think most of the world is connected to reliable internet. Japan and South Korea may have widespread fiber but there are plenty of people in rural areas, military bases, mine/oil/gas sites, cruise ships, resort staff housing ect. that have no internet most of the time, and guess what, they play games too! More so than people who live in cities where they is something else to do…

  2. Dale Walford   January 4, 2015 at 6:10 am

    I’m fairly certain that there will be a portion of games that will be cloud based. However, with 4K TV’s finally becoming a viable option, people will expect 4K gaming fidelity to be standard in the next iteration of consoles (and yes PC’s can already do it) And given the quality of my broadband, I can barely stream 720p because of bobbins BT internet I doubt that it will be 100% streamed. The bandwidth just isn’t there.

  3. exilevent2222   January 2, 2015 at 7:39 pm

    Not interested in cloud based video streaming of a game. Best quality will always be a local console, just like local video players like Blu-Ray discs.

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