Stephen Fry Officially Engaged to Elliott Spencer

Stephen Fry

Recently the news broke that actor Stephen Fry is officially engaged to his beau Elliott Spencer. On Twitter, Fry posted a comment reflecting his hope for a private wedding, stating “Fat Chance,” and commenting that the cat was now out of the bag. Since his post many have been offering him warm congratulations, though others are raising eyebrows at the large age difference between the two, as Fry is 57 and Spencer is 27.

Nevertheless, the couple seems happy as they officially approach their big day, although no permanent date has been set. According to Fry’s personal assistant, their busy schedules are currently keeping them from setting an exact date. However, according to sources Stephen Fry gave formal notice in Norfolk of his plan to wed Spencer, at the registrar office, creating guesses by many that the two will be wed within the next 12 months, or at least before the notice expires. According to that notice the couple plans to have the wedding at Breckland Business Centre, however according to Daily Mail the two plan to wed outside of Fry’s home. Wherever they wed, it is sure to be heartwarming.

It seems that they began dating back in summer of 2014, though not many people knew about their dating until months after. Since the beginning of their relationship reporters have been on the coverage of the two, mostly because of their age difference of 30 years, but now that the engagement is out in the open Fry’s Twitter posts reflect the fact that reporters are swarming even more. Fry made many jokes about what to do with the “journos” on his door step, causing some good laughs.

Fry’s humor should work well with his new fiancee, as Elliott Spencer is a stand-up comic. He has reportedly been very supportive of Stephen Fry and his career, in the past. He has accompanied him to events, movie shootings, and many various trips. As a self-claimed comedian, Spencer was not very well known, though he seems to fit very well into Fry’s life. Since the two started dating Spencer has been hanging with top celebrities like Al Pacino and George Clooney. The two spent time with Emma Thompson in Italy during the summer. He also reportedly stood behind Orlando Bloom at the red carpet premiere of The Hobbit. Though he is the young one of the two, many have commented that Elliott is just what Stephen needed. Apparently in the past, Stephen Fry has struggled greatly with depression. According to statements made, Spencer helped Fry to find some happiness again.

Though Fry has been lucky enough in his acting career, starring in movies like Alice in Wonderland and the Hobbit sequels, he has not exactly been lucky in love. According to sources, Stephen Fry even took a vow of celibacy publicly in his early years. However, Spencer seems to have changed all of that and given hope to Fry.

Apparently most are happy about the engagement between the two, including Spencer’s parents who stated that they are “over the moon” about the engagement. The odd fact is that Spencer’s dad is 57, the same age as his new fiancee, Stephen Fry. But congratulations are in order for the happy couple who have been wearing matching engagement rings since the announcement. It seems that they fit very well together.

By Crystal Boulware


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