Protests at Mexican Consulate in San Diego

ProtestsThe past month has been rife with protests. During December 2014, there were demonstrations in solidarity for the events in Ferguson, the Eric Garner case and the 43 slaughtered students in Mexico.

Protests held on December 3 in San Diego were also staged across 43 cities – one protest for each student who was killed in the September kidnapping and alleged massacre in Iguala. When an investigation found it was municipal police in the region who were largely responsible for handing over the students, the outcry grew in both San Diego and cities throughout the U.S. and Mexico.┬áThe protests were staged in an attempt to force the government to uphold its own human rights standards and stop funding for the Merida Initiative, or Plan Mexico.

ProtestsToday, another protest calling for an end to police corruption in Mexico was staged at the Mexican Consulate in downtown Little Italy in San Diego. Demonstrators were peaceful but organized, and carried huge placards; mostly in Spanish. The placards and the speakers expressed concern for other students and citizens in Mexico and asked the Mexican government to elevate itself and do more to prevent human rights abuses and police corroboration with the cartels. Only one U.S. officer was watching over the protest, and while the crowd chanted and speakers expressed their purpose over a loudspeaker system, calm was maintained by the crowd.

Organizers of these protests say the demonstrations will go on until justice comes for the 43 students who were killed, and until both the Mexican government and the international community address the human rights violations spurned on by the cartels and a corrupt Mexican justice system.

By Layla Klamt

Eyewitness account and photos by Layla Klamt
San Diego Free Press

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