Talking Fifty Shades With Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson

DornanWith only a few weeks left until the theatrical release of the new Fifty Shades of Grey movie, stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dorman are talking about the movie with UK Glamour Magazine. The stars of the upcoming film are not only gracing the cover of the magazine but also had the chance to sit down for an interview in advance of the premier. In the interview the two discuss how they were able to bond, what happened behind the scenes, what they find attractive in a partner and even about the sex scenes.

The film’s director, Sam Taylor-Johnson, also weighed in on the cast and what happened behind the scenes. She even mentions how the casting of Johnson for the part Anastia Steele just felt right because the actress was everything she wanted in the character. Taylor-Johnson described the actress as having a sweetness but also a strong sense of who she is. The director also said that in an effort to help the stars with overcoming their nerves about the sex scenes she actually left the intense scenes for last. Those scenes include the ones from the BDSM playroom known as the Red Room.

DornanWhen the magazine sat down to talk to Johnson and Dornan about their scenes in the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie, the actress admitted that she actually did not go to a sex dungeon. The actress felt that she wanted to keep a distance from it to start in an effort to keep her character’s reactions real and honest. During the interview, Dornan admitted that some of what takes place in the Red Room was uncomfortable for him. He said that there were occasions in which Johnson would be mostly undressed and he would have to do things to her that he would never actually choose to do with another woman.

While there may have been scenes that the two were not completely comfortable with, they made sure that they were physically prepared for the scenes before going on set. They told the magazine that they actually shared a trainer. In fact Johnson wanted to make sure that her body looked good since she would be naked and also having to portray a college student who was particularly active. She even mentions having to wax and work out more than any woman should ever have to.

Although both Dornan and Johnson both admit that there was some discomfort when filming the explicit scenes together, they do admit to being happy with the ultimate product. While there may have been some awkwardness, the actress said that Dornan was always protective of her on set and always acted like a gentleman. Johnson even says that she is proud of the film and the work that they have done. She went on to say that she believes her character is not weak like some people have said but in fact stronger than Dornan’s character, Grey.

DornanIn the interview Dornan and Johnson also had the chance to talk about their own preferences in a partner. Both seemed to agree that they have a thing for hands. Where Dornan said he had a thing for great hands and in particular his wife’s, Johnson went into a bit more detail. For the actress, she prefers a person with what she describes as manly hands.

While the interview of course focused on the sex scenes and the BDSM lifestyle portrayed in the book, there was also more about the actors and their time on the set as well. With Dornan and Johnson sitting down to talk about their roles in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, fans of the series will finally get a chance to see the character brought to life when the film premiers in time for Valentine’s Day.

By Kimberley Spinney


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