Texas Execution Is Carried Out


The state of Texas has carried out the execution of a man convicted of murder in the 1996 beating and strangling death of a woman. Robert Ladd was tried and convicted for the murder of Vicki Ann Garner and has been on death row since. He had twice appealed to the Supreme Court in attempts to gain a stay, but was denied both times.

The first attempt was to have them rule that the drugs used for the lethal injection were not strong enough to meet the requirement of providing a humane, painless death. When that was denied, he attempted to claim that he was mentally impaired, and thus ineligible for the death penalty. That request was based on an evaluation done while he was in State custody at age 13 and tested as having an IQ of 67, which is three points below the Texas state definition of impairment. That was denied as well. He was pronounced dead just after 7 pm local time.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Steven Depolo – Flickr License

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