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U.S. Stocks Roller Coaster and Dive after Fed Statment


The stocks had a bumpy ride Wednesday, January 28. This roller coaster ride could be seen across the board as investors watched the points drop. The previous plans to raise interest rates are beginning within 2015 already.

Tuesday had the Dow Jones show an average drop of 196 points, 4.8 percent since its record close back on December 26. The Nasdaq composite dropped 0.9 percent and the Standard & Poor’s 500 index lowered 1.4 percent. U.S. crude oil saw a drop of nearly 3 percent. $44.83 per barrel via the New York Mercantile Exchange is where the $1.40 drop left it.

U.S. were not the only ones having a tough day in the stock market, although European stocks were a bit more mixed and Asian markets had slightly positive increases mostly. The euro slightly slipped down from $1.1336 to $1.1362.

Yahoo got a solid boost once the company agreed to spin-off a remaining $40 billion stake in Alibaba, a particularly large Chinese Internet titan. The roller coaster of the U.S. stocks took some dips and dives this Wednesday, January 26.

By Garrett Jutte
USA Today
George Rex – Licence