Val Kilmer Rushed to Hospital for Throat Tumor Leading to Blood From Mouth


Veteran actor Val Kilmer, perhaps best known for his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the 1995 film Batman Forever, was rushed to hospital this past Monday after he began bleeding from the mouth due to a throat tumor situation that has become extremely grave. Paramedics were called to the 55-year-old’s Malibu home, with the report that he was bleeding heavily from the throat, and needed immediate attention. It is not yet known who made the call in question.

He was subsequently taken to UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, and underwent emergency surgery in order to stem the bleeding and possibly rectify the situation if possible. The actor is said to be still in the aforementioned facility, as his recovery will not be instant due to the seriousness of the circumstance at hand. Sources have reported that Kilmer’s family is extremely upset at the events that have unfolded due to what they say was the actor choosing to ignore the pressing issue of said throat tumor, which they say he has known about for quite some time but has simply chosen to not take it seriously and brush it off as though it is not an urgent matter whatsoever. Said family members believe that this is the reason for the bleeding having occurred, and feel that Kilmer voluntarily let things get so bad that the situation of him ending up in hospital was inevitable and the possibility grew greater by the day due to him not seeking proper medical attention for the issue.

While it is not yet known exactly how long Kilmer has been inflicted with the aforementioned throat ailment, back in October he told a small claims court judge that he was unable to speak on his own behalf due to his throat being sore and therefore his vocal cords not up for straining in any way whatsoever. Two weeks ago, the California native was photographed attending a Clippers game with his 19-year-old son Jack. He can be seen sporting a sweater tied around his neck, presumably to help ease the pain of the tumor that he is suffering from. Back in December, Kilmer donned a similar style of neck protection to a separate sports game, this time wearing a grey scarf.

The small claims court case in question was related to an issue that the Top Gun star was having with his former landlord, in which Kilmer sued the man for not fully refunding his security deposit upon the exit of the Malibu home he had been renting. The reason for this lack of repayment was due to the actor having made unauthorized “improvements” (Kilmer’s defense of why it should not have mattered), on the residence that resulted in it being significantly altered (he made the decision to both paint the fireplace and put wallpaper on the kitchen cabinets, things he protested needed to be done in order for the home to look better.) The judge who handled the case, however, was not sympathetic to Kilmer’s reasoning and he subsequently lost the case due to the lease contract clearly stating that no improvements or changes of any kind were to be made on the residence without prior permission being given to the renter.

It is not yet known when Val Kilmer will be released from UCLA Medical Center and be allowed to return to his residence in order to recover from the emergency surgery he had this past Monday. However, he is said to be resting comfortably and to no longer be in danger of any serious fatalities of any kind due to the throat tumor that cause his mouth to bleed.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online
Photo by Johnantoni – Flickr License

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