Vine’s Hilarious ‘Storytime’ with Thomas Sanders

VineVine has a star on their hands and his name is Thomas Sanders, aka the Storytime Guy, also known as Foster Dawg on his Twitter page. At just 25 years old he has taken the art of story telling to a new level. His rise to fame was swift, as in 2013 he hit his first million followers and in 2014 he won the ‘Favorite Vine Celebrity’ contest. By the time of his big win, he had amassed over three million followers. This young man from Florida has a fun concept that is sure to bring a smile to the viewer. He also does a number of impressions, however it is Storytime Guy that gets the major hits.

For those that do not know, Vine is a sharing application for short looping videos. Relatively young in internet years, it was founded in 2012, and bought by Twitter just prior to the launch of the site. Much like Twitter there are categories and favorites, and followers can ‘revine’ any of the 5-6 second clips to their own followers. Brittney Kelly was the queen of Vine up until this year when Sanders took over the crown.

His latest in this series has hit YouTube with a vengeance, with over four million views in just two months. This is a man in the street type of bit, where he narrates the lives of random people based on what they are doing. Some of them are hilarious while others are a bit shocking, mainly to the people he is narrating. He thinks quick on his feet, and the result is this unique and entertaining video. In the video below, Sanders has taken some of his popular 5-6 second Vine videos, and made one hilarious YouTube video.

This young man also teamed up with other Vine stars by creating a campaign to do random acts of kindness, for strangers for this Holiday season. Sanders started off the event by giving away gift cards at his local mall to random shoppers, and posted his video online. He then asked that his followers do the same using the hashtag #Givemas. Other Vine stars that also did this included, Talor Shrum, Michael Tremain and Brittney Kelly, who all also created videos of their acts of kindness, and asking fans to do the same. Shrum started his campaign by paying for a strangers gas, while Tremain hit the streets giving out high fives and hugs. Kelly’s video shows her paying for the person behind her, in a fast food drive through, and all these stars encouraged all their followers to do the same, promising to revine their favorites, and sending them a ‘Fanders’ army shirt. Fanders are what these internet kings and queens call the members of their fan base.

Sanders has quite the following on all the social media sites, from Vine to Facebook, this personable young man has found his niche on the internet, yet takes the time to help others. One could find Sanders videos on Vine, YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter and even Facebook, and once viewed, these short but well thought out clips could find a person as a part of his ever-growing fan base.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska

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