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Whitney Houston

Despite Whitney Houston’s family not being happy with the Lifetime biopic, it was extremely popular with viewers. It seems the shows that carry the most controversy are the ones that become the most popular. However, having the most views does not mean that the biopic was any good.

The Lifetime movie about Houston’s life had 4.5 million viewers, and for a Saturday night that can be considered good. It was the most popular movie for the last year, according to statistics. In fact, it was higher than most other programs on the TV that night. The only two to surpass that were 48 Hours on CBS and Dateline on NBC.

Shortly after the movie, most of the viewers stuck around for the program afterwards. It was a chance for Bobby Brown to share his perspective on Houston’s life, and living with her. Despite airing at 10pm, 4.1 million viewers tuned in. The hour later shared some of the greatest performances of the late singer’s career and had 3.2 million people watching.

The biopic will be repeated three times over the next week at 8pm. It appears that people do want to see how Angela Bassett handled the storytelling of her friend’s life.

However, despite Houston’s biopic being the most popular with viewers in terms of ratings, there were a number of people angry about it. The I Will Always Love You singer’s family was extremely angry about the portrayal, stating that it was completely unauthorized. The singer’s sister-in-law, Pat Houston, wrote a scathing review on the singer’s own website. Sharing her opinion with fans, she accused Bassett of being in it only for the money.

Fans also took to Twitter to complain about the biopic. For some, it was more about the portrayal of her drug use and the graphic sex scenes that put them off. The main part of the plot did focus on her five-year love story with Bobby Brown, which led to the birth of their daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown. Bassett made sure to keep the relationship steamy, stating that that was the way it was.

Despite it possibly being part of her life, Houston’s fans did not want to see the drug use and sex scenes. Many used Twitter to state that it should have been about the singer’s music. That was why people loved her, and why people wanted to watch the movie in the first place.

However, her relationship with her husband was an extremely important part of her life. It was also reportedly drugs that led to her death in 2012, so should play a part in a biopic that covers behind-the-scenes stories. The scenes may have been too graphic, though, and many younger viewers did reportedly decide to turn the movie off.

Other fans complained that the movie did not focus on Houston enough. Despite it being about her life, viewers complained that it focused on Brown more, and that was not something they were interested in. However, the Houston biopic was the most popular rated show with viewers on Lifetime.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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