7 Children Taken In Arkansas During Home Search for Mineral Supplement

childrenSeven young children were taken from their parents during the execution of a search warrant, looking for drugs. What the police found have some in the community shaking their heads, as it was not what officials thought they would find. The father of the family, Hal Stanley, has stated that what was found in the home was Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) and it is said to cure cancer and aids. Stanley maintains that he has used it only in his garden, and that the children have never taken it. This controversial supplement is said to turn to bleach over time, causing numerous physical ailments if ingested.

The family was surprised to answer their door to find the home surrounded, literally, by police. Stanley told the local news station that it took several hours for the search and that he and his wife were kept outside while the children stayed in the home with police. The head of the household also maintains that if they had asked about MMS, he would have told them that he did indeed have some in the home, and where it was.

The Stanley’s home and garden are a part of how they live, as much off the grid as possible, and avoiding the government as much as possible. The unapproved mineral supplement, MMS, was found in the home, labeled, and the family maintains that it is mainly used as a water purifier for the garden. The children were each taken to an ambulance for a full check up during this search, and each was deemed healthy and fit.

What started as a search first thing in the morning, became a nightmare by 9:30 that evening, as the police came into the home and announced that they were taking the children for 72 hours, in which time they will have to find a judge and prove to him or her, probable cause to keep the children further and sign an order to hold them for up to five days. Neighbors weighed in on the commotion, stating that they could not believe the amount of police cars that swarmed the house. One neighbor stated that he watched the kids grow up, playing in the yard, as seemingly healthy and happy as any other child in the neighborhood. The seven siblings were all home schooled as a nod to their parents’ desire to fly under the government radar.

It is not known at this time, why this family was targeted for the use of MMS, which is a water purifying agent, that was first discovered by Jim Humble, who in a desperate attempt to fix a lethal case of malaria used chlorine dioxide ion to purify the water, and to his surprise it worked. Today after working with many doctors, Humble came up with MMS, which is said to be used by millions of people world-wide. It is being used to treat any number of diseases, and is readily available. Many in this Arkansas town would like to know what is going on, and why the Stanley children were taken, even though pronounced healthy by EMS technicians. Others believe that perhaps this family was targeted for their way of life, and preferring to stay off the grid and under the radar.

by Kristi Cereska

Photo Courtesy Aldo Fonticiella – Flickr License
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