X-Men and Fantastic Four Cross-Over Movie in the Works


The success of Fox’s recent X-men film, Days of Future Past, has not only re-vamped the dying series but has also revitalized faith in the movie goers that the next installment will be equally as impressive. Considering that this is the era of the comic book movie blockbusters, it was only a matter of time before many corporations seized the chance to continue promotion of the growing phenomena. Fox sees that this recent change in viewership and critical praise is another cash cow to capitalize on with their recent news of a possible X-Men and Fantastic Four cross-over flick.

Though the news may come as a bit of a surprise for many movie goers and comic book fanboys and girls, the recent re-vamp and development of the two franchises provides Fox with enough ammunition to compete with DC’s and Marvel’s future cinema cross-over announcements. During this year’s comic-con Marvel announced their plans for the next couple years of a slew of new movies ,featuring iconic superheroes, to be released in the next five years. DC also made the announcement shortly afterwards that they too were bringing in a string of movies for the coming years. Among the announcements from both franchises, cross-over/team-up movies were one of the movies that really stood out.

On the Disney-owned Marvel’s side, the team-up movie of the Avengers:Infinity Gauntlet. This movie is set to feature the members of the Avengers team, including other members of Marvel’s cinematic universe that have yet to have their solo flicks on the big screen. The film will bring together multiple heroes to take on an epic battle against the intergalactic villain Thanos. WB studios-owned DC’s announcement of the Justice League, serves as a response to the recent Avenger’s success and serves as a team-up movie of sorts. The movie will also bring together a string of superheroes from the DC cinematic universe, united in a common enemy.Though the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises are also part of Marvel’s cinematic universe, their rights still belong to Fox studios.

Following the news of all these movies involving team-up’s, Fox decided to jump on the figurative bandwagon that was set by both of its competitors. The X-Men franchise is already on its way to reaching critical and viewer acclaim with their recent re-vamp successes in X-Men:First Class and Days of Future Past. Although the Fantastic Four films have not been so fortunate to take in the same amount of revenue or critical praise as its predecessors. X-men has spanned over seven movies with a grossing take-in of 3 billion dollars in the box office and Fantastic Four spanning two movies with a total take-in of over 330 million dollars. The recent development of a Fantastic Four relaunch with a brand new cast and storyline is Fox’s latest effort to bring the franchise to further continuation and eventually lead to a team-up between the two well-known teams.

Though their is no direct confirmation on the plot or the circumstances that will bring the two teams together, the leak of information from Columbia Pictures co-president Michael DeLuca’s emails to Sony Pictures’ co-chairman Amy Pascal further perpetuates the rumors and speculations. In the emails, Deluca states that Kinberg admitted that the studios are gearing up X-Men and Fantastic Four for a team-up movie and that Sony is planning to ditch Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man for a possible female lead.

Considering that the latest Fantastic Four film is not set to hit theaters until August 7th, 2015, the news of a cross-over seems a little rushed. Though the teams have already paired up in the comics, the team-up in the cinematic world comes as a bit of an entirely new concept. The newest line-up for the iconic quartet has already received plenty of negative responses from fans and the latest X-Men film Apocalypse (hitting theaters May 27th) has nothing to do with Fantastic Four at all. Although the two teams may not be similar in any way, there is still plenty of source material that could prove to be an entertaining flick regardless.

By Tyler Cole



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