Adam Lambert Illness Causes Show Cancellation

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Since Adam Lambert joined Queen as the front man on their current world tour, the singer and the veteran rock group have been garnering rave reviews from both the critics and audiences alike. In fact, the rock band and singer are being considered one of the year’s biggest shows out there. Sadly for fans of the musicians, a show in Brussels had to be cancelled because of an illness Lambert is suffering from. This cancellation is also cause for concern for at least one of the upcoming performances as well. Following the group’s performance on February 7th, the singer actually saw a doctor since he was not feeling 100 percent. The doctor ended up ordering the singer to rest because he was suffering from what they are describing as a severe bronchial infection.

Many fans of the 33-year-old singer have been talking about the collaboration between him and Queen, while also touching upon what Lambert has been able to bring to each of his performances. The reviews have talked about the confidence and flamboyance that he has brought to every single show. The other major factor contributing to the tour’s overall success is the latent singing talent that he brings to the stage. Reviews all point out that the singer has what they call, a stunning voice that is keeping the shows fresh and vibrant.

Unfortunately for fans of both Lambert and Queen, Sunday night’s show ended up having to be cancelled on short notice because of the singer’s current illness. A statement was posted to the band’s website in which they set about explaining the circumstances behind the cancellation. In the statement, the band said that they had been reluctant to cancel the performance, especially since it happened at the last minute. They also explained that Lambert was under a doctor’s care and that he was ordered 24 hours of bed and vocal rest.

Part of the group’s reluctance to cancel the performance stems from the fact that the show will not be rescheduled. On the website, Queen informed fans and ticket holders that the venue had no availabilities and therefore there was no possibility of the show being rescheduled.

While the cancellation may be considered a disappointment, even the toughest critics can admit that there really is no one to blame. This is particularly true since illnesses such as bronchitis have been common this winter. A hectic schedule on tour combined with bad weather have unfortunately taken their toll on Lambert. As of right now there is no word on whether their next show will still happen on February 10 in Milan. In the meantime, fans hold out hope that the singer will still be ready to go as the tour continues.

Lambert even took to his personal Twitter account to explain the cause of the sudden cancellation and express his disappointment that his illness was preventing the performance. The singer expressed his unhappiness at having to let his fans down. In the Tweet to his fans, the singer said that he would not be able to perform that evening and that he was currently under doctor’s orders to rest. He thanked his fans for their patience and understanding while he attempted to get well. Lambert asked his fans to send all of their positive, healing energies his way. He also sent out his gratitude for the fans who offered him well wishes and told them that his current plan was to sleep and drink a lot of water.

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