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Amazon’s new business delivery system involving drones as their main delivery drop off mode is not coming up as soon as people originally expected. The Amazon drones’ release date has been delayed for government disapproval.

The U.S. government’s first round of approvals would eventually make it possible for not only Amazon to do speedy and efficient deliveries, many more businesses would most likely be involved. Some product analysts have even toyed with the idea of food deliveries by drone. 100 million dollars would be pumped into the economy if such a delivery method was approved.

The FAA has determined that the operators of the drones must always have sight on their unmanned delivery system. Amazon’s plans were to send out nationwide deliveries, which would not comply with these regulations. The company using these drones must also be able to ensure the drones will not fly near highly populated areas or too close to crowd of people. The FAA also mandated that all technicians piloting these drones would need to receive a federally over seed piloting license for commercial use.

These new regulations are preventing Amazon, as well as other companies, from progressing in their own delivery methods. With the Amazon release of their drones delayed these other companies are feeling frustration as well. Not only would the use of drones be a more efficient way to delivery products or services, it would save companies a lot of money without the need for delivery trucks and men.

The FAA has recognized a few very beneficial uses for these drones including, search and rescue, law enforcement, photography, and agriculture. The companies are happy with any progress being made on this front however, they have also expressed that the limits are too strict for it to actually make a difference of their delivery systems. It is also evident that even the companies, who fit the criteria the FAA has put forth, will not be able to start up the drone program immediately.

Analysts predict that it would not be until at least 2017 that companies are able to use drones for products and service deliveries. Amazons hopes of delivering nationwide products in thirty minutes are being stalled after the FAA has stated the drones must not move faster then 100 mph.

Despite the disappointment form leading companies; they have said they saw this coming. It was no surprise to hem that strict regulations would be set forth that they would have to work at to make a manageable delivery plan. The CEO of Amazon shared with the public that the technology required by the drones is well on its way and will not be a problem for the company. The real problem will be the regulations demanded of them.

Amazon has threatened the FAA by sending letter saying they will move their drone research and production division outside of the U.S. unless the regulations are relaxed. Currently, Amazon runs drone trials in the United Kingdom due to the United States’ strict controls. The Amazon drones release date has been delayed for the time being until the FAA revisits these set rules on drones for commercial use.

Written by Audrey Madden



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Photo by – David Guo – Creative Commons License

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