‘American Idol’: Hollywood Week #2 [Recap]

American Idol
On American Idol tonight, it was the second night of the Hollywood Phase of the competition. The field of competitors was narrowed down during this episode of American Idol, as the three judges, Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Junior, and Keith Urban, made some difficult decisions and sent many of the performers who had made it through the Audition Phase home. Also tonight, the Group Rounds began! Who stayed on and who got sent packing? Read on, to find out!

American Idol began with the host of the show, Ryan Seacrest, saying that after the Hollywood Rounds, the Group Rounds would begin. Last night, the final performer of the night, Gabby Z, stopped singing in the middle of a line, having lost her place in the song.

Would the judges allow her to continue? Harry walked up on stage with her, and walked her off the stage, momentarily. She will be allowed to come back and sing later during this episode. Katherine Winston was one of the first performers to sing tonight on American Idol. She sang the Rolling Stones hit, Wild Horses, and NAILED it.

Then, Gabby Z came back onto the stage to try giving the song one more shot. She sang Bottom of the River, and managed to finish. Still, she had to wait, along with everyone else, to hear her fate. Gabby survived the cut, as well as Kelley Kime and Katherine.

Then, Andrew Annello sang an Amy Winehouse song. Maddie Walker was also in this particular group, singing Already Gone. She did a great job, though American Idol just caught the tail end of her performance.

Alexis Gomez, 22, played the guitar and did a terrific job singing. After she sang, Harry said “Andrew, step forward.” Then, he said the entire back row would be moving forward, but not Andrew. Maybe the judges thought he was too cocky.

Cody Fry took the American Idol stage next, and sang a cool, tender song. He will be moving on. Loren Lott sang the Imagine Dragons song, Radioactive. She did great, and Harry congratulated her, as she will be moving on.

Then, Shi Scott and Rayvon Owen performed on American Idol, and both of them KILLED their songs. Jennifer said that they were both moving on to the next round.

Clark Beckham, 23, sang in a high register, the song Let’s Get It On, but he had total control of his voice and did a great job with this classic. Daniel Seavey sang Evergreen by Ed Sheeran and he, also, NAILED it. Both performers will be continuing on to the Group Rounds.

Dakota Suarez sang Natural Woman. He got into the wrong register a bit, and will not be moving on. Then, a bunch of competitors were shown who also did not do very well, and will be going home.

Qaasim Middleton sang the Ed Sheeran song, Give Me Love, next on American Idol. He did awesome! He said he had been growing his dreads out since he was two. Jennifer told him he will be moving on.

Keith told the ones who had made it through that they would be entering into the Group Rounds next on American Idol. Some of the competitors made friends easily and had no trouble getting into a group, while others had a difficult time getting accepted into a group, like Alexis Granville, who was left high and dry — that is, until Sal accepted her into his group. Then, they had to pick a captain, choose a song, and begin rehearing their lines.

The later that some of the competitors stayed up, rehearsing, the more they got punch drunk. The competitors barely had the time to eat before they had to get on their buses and head to the Orpheum Theater.

The first group to perform on American Idol was Double-Stuff. They sounded strong last night. Clark Beckham, J. None, Jesse Cline, and David Oliver Willis sang Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

They had strong harmonies, and Jennifer was very complimentary. Keith said there were “some inconsistencies,” but he then told them the good news that “You are going to be spending more time together, all four of you.”

Sheba Squared was next. Shi was the captain. The team was composed of Adam Ezegelian, Andrew Bloom, Shi Scott and “Big Ron” Wilson. They rocked the song out! Keith said he thought that Shi’s voice “was exceptional.” Keith told Adam, Shi, and “Big Ron” to step forward. Andrew Bloom will not be moving on, sadly. “Big Ron” felt really bad about Andrew not getting to move on.

The Dream Team took the American Idol stage. They were singers Maddy Hudson, Reno, Tyanna Jones, and Steffi Leadbetter. They sang a Jackson 5 song. Keith said he thought the song was suited more for Tyanna than for Steffi. Steffi will, unfortunately, be going home. The rest of the Dream Team will be moving on.

Team Dimples was next. Jaq Mackenzie began the song. Nick Fadiani, Hunter Larsen, were two of the other members. Michael Simeon was also in the group. They sang Rude by MAGIC. Jennifer said “I love this kid! I love him!” Harry said all of the group members will be going through to the next round.

The last group to take the stage tonight was Sal’s Gals. Alexis had a panic attack, but took the stage with the others, after regaining her composure somewhat. Then, she broke down again, and had to be helped off the stage. Sal’s Gals will be performing next week, either with or without Alexis.

On American Idol, the Hollywood Week closed out, with some great and some…not so great performances. Then, the Group Rounds began, with an entirely different sort of perspective involved. It can be more difficult to shine in a group, when everyone else is also a talented singer. Those competitors who managed to step up to the challenge got to move on, while those who did not succeed as well, at least in the opinions of the three judges, were sent home. Be sure to tune in next week, to watch more of the Group Rounds part of the season on American Idol!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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