‘American Idol’ Hollywood Week #4 [Recap & Video]

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On American Idol tonight, it was Hollywood Week #4, and the competitors who made it through the group part of the Hollywood phase got the chance to shine in front of the three judges, Harry Connick Junior, Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez. The best singers chosen by the judges from the singers who had made it through the group stage got another rehearsal in front of them.

American Idol began with scenes of the competitors who had made it through the group part of the Hollywood phase getting up and getting ready for the final day. They all headed to the Orpheum Theater by bus.

Eighty competitors remained, and Harry was saying that they would have to get it down to about half of that. Loren Lott took the stage to sing Skyfall by Adele. She had a soaring voice and did an amazing job singing this Bond song.

“Very nice — that was really, really beautiful, baby!” Jennifer Lopez told her. However, Loren would have to wait to find out what the judges said until she learned her fate later in the show.

Daniel Seavey played his guitar and sang I See Fire. He was terrific, and wowed the judges and audience.

“That’s crazy!” Jennifer said.

“You have such a joy about you!” Keith Urban told him.

Hollywood Anderson did not do so great listening and taking advice. “Big Ron” would get the chance to perform on American Idol right after the first break of the episode. Would he listen to the advice band leader, Rickey Minor, was giving him, or ignore it and have his performance potentially suffer?

Hollywood Anderson sang the iconic song Let’s Get It On, and he NAILED it! He sounded great! However, he then slammed Rickey, and said “it was a short man thing.” Not really a cool thing to be saying, even if he felt it. He might get to move on, but he should not have made an enemy out of the show’s band leader.

Then, on American Idol, Shi Scott sang All I Can Do Is Cry by Eta James. She felt nervous, as she has in the past, but that did not prevent her from delivering a stand-out performance. Harry said it was evident that she was “out of breath” as she sang, and he said it was not the strongest performance she has given. That was not at all a good sign for her.

Adam Lasher was next on American Idol. He played the electric guitar and sang the Tom Petty song, Free Falling. He made the song his own, and sang a remarkable version of it. However, Keith said “When you start the octave, kind of know where to go — that’s the only thing that bothered me about it.”

“We’re going to lose a lot of good people today,” Jennifer said.

The first people to be cut were “Big Ron” and Adam Lasher. Shi, Daniel and Loren, as host Ryan Seacrest said, “would sing another day.”

Quentin Alexander impressed right from when he took the stage on American Idol. He wore a sort of matador-looking costume, with a black coat. Jennifer went up onto the stage and helped him take it off. He sang Riptide and coasted to the next round.

Maddie Walker, 16, also did a terrific job with her rehearsal, as did Trevor Douglas. Both easily advanced to the next round. Jennifer said to Trevor “You have such an ease about you.”

Alexis Granville did not have such an easy go of it, though. She had almost passed out a couple of shows ago. She got way off key as she sang, and the judges cringed as they listened. They gave her another chance, and Harry said “One time is excusable, but not two times.”

Jax, 18, KILLED the classic Beatles song Let It Be. She went up to her mom in the audience and kissed her and her dad. She was given the good news that she will be headed to the next round on American Idol.

Michael Simeon then sang Try. Jennifer said his voice sounded like he really cared about what he was singing.

Nick Fradiani sang on American Idol next. He was AWESOME, and Keith said “He just changed that phrasing and pulled me in.” Harry said “It’s clear how experienced you are.” Jennifer said “I just like you.”

Katherine Skinner, 15, sang a Journey song in honor of her psychic cat, who sadly passed away. “You have extraordinary vocal ability,” Harry said.

Jennifer called the names “Michael, Emily, and Nick,” She told them “You guys are moving forward to the next round. You other guys, I’m sorry.”

Then, nobody in the next group moved forward, including Jess Lamb and Piper Jones. The cuts definitely were brutal tonight on American Idol.

Clark Beckham played the keyboards as he sang. He sang Try a Little Tenderness. He rocked the song out, but was his effort good enough to make it to the next round?

Mark Andrew sang on American Idol next. He had gotten very little sleep, but he tried to his his best, and he did a pretty good job. “What happened?” Jennifer Lopez asked him. He had forgotten the lyrics to the song. He said that his three-year-old daughter had kept him awake.

Keith called out the names of the people who would not be moving on. Shannon Berthuime and Katherine Winston, as well as Mark Andrew, will be moving on.

Joey Cook sang the Beatles song Across the Universe. She did a great job, but she began to panic as she awaited the news if she was going to move on or not.

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest said that Joey Cook was nervous. The last few competitors sang, like Rayvon Owen, who Jennifer said “stands out for me.” But, the entire performances were not shown, just parts of each.

Then, it was decision time for the final nine. “Rayvon, step forward. Riley, step forward. Clark, step forward. Joey step forward,” Jennifer said. These were among the names she said of those who would be moving forward. Next week, all of the competitors who made it through tonight will get the chance to sing onstage at the House of Blues.

This Thursday, American Idol concluded the Hollywood Rounds with some brutal cuts, as the judges had to make some difficult decisions about who would be moving on. Just 40 of the 80 who began the night were selected by the three judges as having what it takes to continue forward in the competition. Tune in next week, to see how ell the remaining competitors will do as they sing at the legendary House of Blues!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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