Apple Watch Frenzy

AppleApple watch frenzy is right around the corner with an expectation of  booming sales. There will be a variety of appealing styles, glamour, and glitz. What is important is that it can be worn for a morning of exercise or an evening on the town.

It is estimated that Apple’s contribution to apparel will elevate the market, which was at 29 million in 2014 to 172 million in 2018. Smart watches could play a significant role. It was noted that the production of these watches is five to six million. Apple wants to be a part of this latest fitness and activity device apparel fad.

The records indicate that when the first smart watch came on to the market from Pebble, it sold one million within two years. Watches that were designed and produced by Samsung Electronics and LG sold 720,000 in 2014.

The Apple watch has been in the development stages since 2011. Although the current product may not have all the planned features, the watch will help consumers be aware of their activity. Further, there will be other special trademarks such as interactive notifications or a reminder to get some exercise due to a mechanism that sends an alert of too much inactivity. Features may also include different languages depending on the region. There is a requirement of having an iPhone 5 or later version.

Apple has had an interest in creating a product that focused on health features. The motivation behind this product was to create something that would do more than track blood pressure and stress levels.

The cost of the watch is a major consideration if Apple wants to ensure that the market is saturated with buyers. The top of the line could sell for as much as $4,000 or more. The cost could increase if there is a low demand. It was noted that the design of the watch will drive the price.

Additionally, there are several other factors that will influence the cost of this watch. The  frame of one of the designs of the watch will have 29.16g of gold. That amount of gold in today’s market is approximately $1200. As a result, it will be necessary for Apple to have an excellent team of buyers for the gold. Further, the cost could be affected by the amount of electronics involved and the sapphire screen.

There will be more than one edition of the Apple watch. One edition of this watch will sport an 18 – karat gold case with sapphire crystals and an eye-catching band to add to its classy look.

An area of interest for Apple, also, is to spread its wings across the continent. The desire is to launch the Apple watch in the high-end stores in Paris. The company wants to make sure that they include those who enjoy the Swiss watch brand as well as appealing to the extremely curious tech people.

As the watch is unveiled and ready for purchase, consumers can expect to see extra security. In April, the Apple watch frenzy will attract shoppers with a number of dazzling pieces of merchandise on display.

By Marie A. Wakefield


Mobile Tech


USA Today



Photo Credits: Mark Pakoeningrat – Flickr License

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