Birdman Denied Entry at Nicki Minaj’s Pre-Grammy Party


Rap mogul Birdman’s luck regarding his fallout with his associates at Cash Money just seems to keep getting worse; in the early hours of Sunday morning, he was denied entry to protegé Nicki Minaj’s pre-Grammy party upon showing up at the venue to join the fun.

Minaj and her crew were partying at a club in West Hollywood for the night, when the 45-year-old attempted to gain entry at approximately 1:45am. The venue in question closed at 2am, but security informed the producer that it was already too late for him to gain access to the club and that he would unfortunately have to leave (even though there was still 15 minutes left and, in theory, enough time for at least one drink before closing.) This last piece of information is the reason why it is perceived by many to have occurred as a direct result of the aforementioned feud between Birdman and his Cash Money clients.

There has been talk as of late that the Superbass hit-maker is planning on joining Lil’ Wayne after he finishes his quest to break ties with the company, a show of solidarity he is reporting asking from all the rapper whom he took under his own wing after forming his own label inside the company, entitled Young Money. These other artists include Drake, Christina Milian, and Lil’ Twist. Wayne believes that he should have the rights to these individuals’ music and be allowed to keep them with him due to the nature of his work with them while he was still with Cash Money; the problem, however, is that Birdman’s company has a distribution deal set up with all of the above mentioned artists.

Lil’ Wayne launched an all-out legal war on Birdman just a few weeks ago, suing him for a total of $51 million and begging a judge to let him out of his Cash Money contract, the terms of which he claims were violated due to Birdman’s actions over the past little while. He accuses the mogul of withholding the release of his newest record for far longer than was needed, and continuing to make excuses about needing to check more things off the list before debuting it to the public. Birdman, however, says that the 32-year-old has no idea what he is talking about and does not seem to understand that releasing a record is not as easy when one is behind the scenes of how it is produced and the like.

The $51 million is not anywhere near what Birdman actually owes Lil’ Wayne, which instead sits at $10mil. Weezy is said to have been owed eight million dollars upon the production of his album Tha Carter V, in December of 2013. The two million dollars relates to when he completed recording the album, which occurred in the same month the following year. There is allegedly a ton of pressure being put on Birdman to settle this amount, because doing so would eliminate any potential breach of contract that Wayne is bringing to court in order to be set free from the label altogether.

It is unclear as of right now whether or not Birdman’s denied entry to the club at which Nicki Minaj hosting a pre-Grammy party. The 32-year-old has yet to pass comment on the matter.

By Rebecca Grace


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