Blade Runner Sequel Sees Harrison Ford Return

Blade Runner

The sequel for Blade Runner will definitely see Harrison Ford return. He will reprise his Rick Deckard role, according to an Alcon Entertainment announcement. It was long rumored that Ford would return to Blade Runner 2, but this is the first official confirmation from the studio.

The news came when the studio also announced that the movie now also has a director, and it is not going to be Ridley Scott. Denis Villeneuve will take on the Blade Runner sequel, and eyes are on him to see if he can pull off the movie as well as Scott did with the first one. However, Scott will still have some say in the sequel to his movie. He will be there as an executive producer to make sure not too much has been changed.

Villeneuve is best known for directing Prisoners. It proved to be a success, and is part of the reason he was chosen for this movie. Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson from Alcon said that he has proven to be a singular talent, and that tempted them towards him for this Blade Runner sequel. Along with Scott, Michael Green and Hampton Fancher, they have the perfect behind-the-scenes team. Fancher is taking on the screenplay again, as he was the co-writer for the first Blade Runner.

Ford was rumored to be part of the Blade Runner sequel in May last year. He was offered the role, but had not officially accepted it. At the time, Kosove and Johnson said that they would be honored to have him as part of the movie again. They sent the script to him by December to read through it. It can now be confirmed that Ford will return for the Blade Runner sequel, reprising his original role.

Scott said that the second movie is relevant to the events in the first one. That is arguably extremely important to get people to watch a sequel, especially after so long since the first one. Blade Runner concluded in 1982. It is uncommon for sequels to be picked up so long afterwards, especially with the original actors. In most cases, reboots occur to bring in a new face.

The good news is that the story also takes place decades after the first Blade Runner. That will at least explain the age change for Ford. The first movie was based on Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick. This second movie is a continuation, and has been co-written by Fancher and Green. The original idea was developed by Scott and Fancher.

There is no set release date for this sequel as of yet. Production will not start until next year, so the release date will not likely be for another year after that. It will reportedly occur in 2019, possibly suggesting a release date.

It looks like this movie has been in the works since 2011; at least the idea has. The Blade Runner franchise rights were mostly acquired by Alcon during that year. It would give the studio the rights to produce any sequels and prequels. There have been many rumors around the Blade Runner sequel, but it is now confirmed that Ford will join the team.

By Alexandria Ingham


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