Kanye West Publicly Apologizes to Beck

Kanye West

Kanye West has taken to Twitter to publicly apologize to Beck. The apology comes from the Grammy Awards when West stormed the stage just before Beck’s acceptance speech. It follows a similar pattern to when her apologized to Taylor Swift six years ago, and may have many people questioning whether he really means it.

Six years ago, he interrupted Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video, ranting about how Beyonce deserved it more. Afterwards West apologized, but said that he had given into peer pressure and he did not mean his apology. It is understandable that people wonder whether his current apology to Beck is real.

During the Grammy’s, West stormed the stage and pretended to take the microphone. Beck had just been announced as winning Best Album of the Year for Morning Phase. Many laughed at West, who did have a smile on his face at the time. They wondered whether he was joking, mimicking his stunt from six years ago. However, he later said that he did not agree that Beck should have won, and that Beyonce should have won Best Album. He later turned it into a race row.

However, he did clarify later that he did not mean Beck was not a worthy artist. He would collaborate with the man if he ever wanted to. It is the whole Grammy Awards that West does not agree with, and that is what his rant was really about at the time.

West has now apologized to Beck publicly through his Twitter profile. It is unclear whether Beck has seen it at the time of writing this. He certainly has not responded to it.

Beck did say that West storming the stage did not faze him. He was excited to see him on the stage. Beck admitted that West has produced a number of great albums over the years, and he certainly deserved to be on that stage at the time. The winner even went on to say that he thought Beyonce was going to win in the end, because she has also put out a great album.

It seems like Beck does not think West even has anything to apologize for. He admitted that not everyone is pleased with results, but that he still loves him and believes he is a genius. Beck even admitted that he would like to be like West. It will be an amazing compliment to the rapper, who is getting a bad name for ruining acceptance speeches.

Beck was not the only person West apologized to on Twitter, either. He also took time to apologize for his previous thoughts on Bruno Mars. He admitted that he used to “hate on him,” but now respects him as an artist. Mars has had an extremely successful career, especially since performing at the Super Bowl halftime show last year. After his apology, West offered Mars a hook to sing in one of his songs. Like Beck, it is unclear as to whether Mars has actually seen the comments yet. At least West is going one step in the right direction by apologizing to Beck publicly.

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