Grey’s Anatomy: Starting at the End [Recap/Review]

Grey's Anatomy

It is a race against time on Starting at the End, this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Amelia Shepherd is trying everything to stop Dr. Herman’s tumor, while Herman wants to just complete her caseload. At the same time, both are full of fears, worries and doubt. Really, it’s just another exciting episode of Grey’s Anatomy. All the best ones are full of drama and races against the clock.

Herman and Arizona have a lot of patients to see, while Amelia tells the rest of the doctors about the case—one that could make her career but could also cause her to become a doctor nobody hires. One of the patients for Dr. Herman involves a c-section and Arizona really feels the pressure. Herman does the surgery, but the baby does not survive and Arizona is the one that has to tell the patient. When she starts crying, Herman shouts at her for that. Yet, somehow, the two continue to be friends on Grey’s Anatomy.

Amelia impresses her audience on Grey’s Anatomy. The surgery is not going to be easy. In fact, there are seven surgeries over the space of 18 hours. It is going to be hard work for both Amelia and Herman. Of course, someone has to come down on Grey’s Anatomy and it is Callie, who asks whether Derek should be the one assisting on this.

There is no time on Grey’s Anatomy to even consider this. Herman is struggling to see and it looks like the tumor is spreading. During the scan, Arizona is forced to take on a patient and perform an emergency c-section. She wants to wait for Herman on Starting at the End, this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but there is no time. Herman needs surgery now.

Herman does spend the last few minutes of Grey’s Anatomy this week giving some last minute advice to Arizona. If only Herman had chosen to hand over her workload to Arizona sooner. The baby-turned-fetal doctor may have been more prepared and ready to do something like this.

When it comes to relationships, Amelia seems to be getting closer to Owen. After the kiss on last week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Owen brings her coffee. Unfortunately, the relationship is not going anywhere right now. She needs to focus on Herman’s case. It is understandable, and surely Dr. Hunt gets why, even if Owen does not.

Callie and Arizona are still having some issues, too. As Arizona gets closer to Herman, Callie is jealous. In the end of Grey’s Anatomy this week, she does admit that she is concerned. Arizona will take it hard if they do lose Herman. However, their friendship—while unlikely—is the perfect rebound one for Arizona. Callie has no room to talk, anyway, considering her friendship with Owen.

Many fans want to know whether Derek will come back to Grey’s Anatomy. He is the miracle worker, so will he be the one to do the surgery and save the day in the end? Or will it be Amelia who manages everything to prove that she is just as good as her brother? She does not have long now as Starting at the End proved it is a race against time on Grey’s Anatomy.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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