Blockbuster Films Are New Brand of Entertainment

Blockbuster FilmsThe divide between blockbuster and independent films has created a shift in both the film and television industries, a shift with no return in sight. Thanks to companies like Disney, a behemoth of a conglomerate, the market for CGI-laced blockbuster films has transcended into a new brand of entertainment. Comic book films are the modern day Greek mythology. Granted its influence simply oozes out of these films, the culture of mythology has a new face. And that is great and all, but what about the working actors and actresses and writers and the like who do not fit in such a market. This is a  a market where one cannot simply be in good shape. Aspiring actors must make fitness their life, a walking, breathing, vision of fitness; a muscular-toned piece of art that literally came out of last week’s comic book issue. It’s a requirement not everyone can or are willing to fulfill.

So where does that leave the divergent talent who only focuses on the mental aspects of performing? Where does the blockbuster film genre leave them. It leaves them in a void that forces talent to find different markets from which to springboard their talent. Markets such as independent films, theater, primetime and premium television, and even commercials for goodness sake!

Is every Sundance Film Festival going to be laced with heavy star power year after year? This would be a bit odd. One would expect the exact opposite from the talent displayed during Sundance’s  popular film festival. Movie goers that attend this prestigious event do not expect to see a steady dosage of blockbuster films.

Sundance is usually the gateway to a mainstream career as an actor, not the other way around. Talents like Ewan McGregor, Danny McBride and Chiwetel Ejiofor were all over Sundance. It’s no secret as to why this has come to be. How else are these incredibly talented artisans going to make sure they have a career to hold onto and also make a living? The answer has become clear. Present economic challenges have touched every industry that contributes to the GDP, and Hollywood is no exception. It has also forced many employees and employers of all industries to do one thing to survive — become creative. The same principle applies to the working talent of Hollywood. Hollywood has found the golden egg that will finance its continuation economy or no economy. Thanks to the revitalized blockbuster film they have created the market to do so. This has left the Chiwetels and McBrides to have to become creative and adapt. It rule is, adapt or die.

Cinema fans have seen incredible talent fall by the wayside because they no longer belonged in the market that launched their careers. It’s a travesty, but it’s a part of life. The only thing that matters is the step that will help maneuver them into the new era that has already begun. The great thing about being creative is there is no telling what can come from it. The industry may be upon the greatest moments of film history as the talent has spread in a remarkable fashion. The results have yet to be seen; the ride is far from over as blockbuster films ride the wave of a new brand of entertainment.

Written by Norman Johnson Jr.


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